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Advice on Programming After BBB Challenge?

I’m currently 2 months in on my 531 BBB challenge journey and I’m loving it. I’m 21 and roughly 205 pounds and my stats are as follow:

Squat to depth: 430
Front Squat: 300
Deadlift: 415
Bench: 265
OHP: 165
Clean and Jerk: 230

My question is this: after I finish the challenge (I can feel my strength rising quickly) is there a way to effectively incorporate BBB with Olympic lifts? Would I perform them on conditioning days? And could I use the 531 template of BBB with it?

3 sets of 5s pro before you squat or Deadlift is an easy way to get it in without compromising the rest of the program. If you put it in I’d suggest lowering your assistance volume for single-leg/core work for that day.

*clean or snatch I should have said. Not sure about the jerk sorry.

I am sure you could work them in with BBB. But I doubt many would recommend it.

If you like the 531 Challenges, you could look up the Wendler Beach Body Challenge. Sub in an Olympic lift (or its power variation) for the Hang Clean.

Or another Full Body Template might be a better option.

In the end you will do what you would want, but make sure to pay attention to how you respond. Its important to remember that you can’t always push everything at the same time and sometimes you will have to choose one or the other to ensure long term progress.

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Thank you both. I will add them to my lower body day. Maybe 2x3@80%