Advice on Program

I have been having trouble deciding which programme to do.

My goals are to increase my overall athleticsm. This is because i feel i have become stronger but a worse athlete since putting on a stone after a bulking stage.In the end i have decided on this.

Three whole body sessions a week changing the rep range each session. I will use 10x3 5x5 and 3 x 10 rep ranges. Also after each session i will do interval training for ten minutes, i will add an extra minute each session and when i can do 15 minutes i will increase the intensity, eg faster pace, streeper incline, grater resistance etc I will alternate between the rowing machine and the treadmill for the interval sessions.

Also on one day i will run to the top of a steep hill near my house, the hill is roughly a mile and a half long and gets stepper as you go up. When i get to the top of the hill i will perform some agility drills then walk down.

The most important thing to achieve is to reduce body fat followed by increase strength and muscle mass levels. I have made two workouts and will alternate between each one. Workout A is Power Clean
Workout B is Power curl
front squat
Military press
Pull up

Basicly do you guys think i am on the right course or not. My stats are Bench 90kg
mil press 60kg
squat 115kg (3 reps )
deadlift 140kg

Honestly IMO looks pretty damn solid.

I would suggest adding another 3rd day. Use it for the hiher rep day (3x10) and do unilateral work. Lunges, step ups etc, dB presses and rows etc.

Might just make it simple on yourself as well and follow CW’s TBT learn how that works for you and go from there.

Id also seperate the HIIT sessions. doing them after weights Sqauts DL etc they wont be near the intensity they could/should be. Best if done on a seperate day But AM PM could work. If doing cardio along with the workout id opt for low intensity steady state

Either way best of luck

Do the exercises explosively.

Also, look in to Olympic lifts, plyometrics and interval cardio.