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Advice on Program

20 year old college athlete. 6’4 ~260 bw
Been lifting ~year consistently full body 3x week
Max lifts: 335 bench, 495 for 5 squat, 520 DL

My main goal right now is to get to a 405 bench while increasing chest/tri size

I’m finding that as I have gotten heavier in my lifts that after my primary exercise I have little energy for the rest of my lifts in the workout. I am thinking of altering my program to negate this and have more upper or lower focused workouts. This is what I’m thinking right now:

Monday: Bench,Row
Tuesday: Squat,Glute exercise
Wednesday:Military Press, weighted chin
Thursday: Deadlift, front squat
Friday: Bench, Row

I would do light accessory work after the main lifts but nothing too crazy, maybe 2-3 sets of lighter hypertrophy work.

How does this program look? It’s essentially an U/L with an additional upper day added but my main concern is if this is too much. I would appreciate any advice - thanks.

It’s an okay arrangement of some good exercises but can’t tell what the workload is like without seeing the work involved (sets/reps).

It’s probably best to monitor how you feel to measure if the workload is too much. If you are cranky, lethargic, etc and something else isn’t happening in your life then it may be your training and you should dial back.


a few questions first.
1.What sport?
2.What Division school? ( if your in United States)
3. Are you under a Athletic Scholarship?
4 are you a starter?
5. Does your college not have a strength and conditioning program for their athletes?

Thanks for the reply. Sets/reps would be something like this, keeping in mind im emphasizing developing a stronger bench:

Monday: Bench (3-5x5) Row (3-4x10)

Tuesday: Squat (5x6) glute exercise (2-3x10)

Wednesday:Military Press (5x6) weighted chin 3xamrap @ select weight

Thursday: Deadlift (2x3) front squat (3x6)

Friday: Bench (5x3) Row (3-4x10)

Again I would do some light hypertrophy work after main sets but nothing crazy. I appreciate your advice and would like to hear your thoughts on this program with work sets now involved. - Thanks

So a bit of backstory,

I played juco baseball and finished last year. Was getting talked to by some scouts about getting drafted but it didn’t end up happening. Kind of banking on that and it not happening , I had to find somewhere to play. I get offered by some in state schools but nowhere I could see myself going. So I am currently in talks with some bigger d2-d1 schools in playing there NEXT year, But currently taking a gap year and not actively participating on a team, just focusing on training and baseball related activities.

Look into stuff by Jim Wendler he has programs more athletically based.


Will do thank you

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Isn’t it funny how when someone comes here with a bona fide question they get help pretty much immediately?