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Advice on Program to Achieve 500lb Deadlift?

Hey all,

I have run 5/3/1 BBB for 3 cycles (in last couple weeks now), max deadlift so far has been 190kg (420lbs) sumo beltless, double overhand.

Will be testing maxes to create a training max in a couple of weeks time!

Any advice on programs to look into or general programming to achieve a 500lb (227.5kg) deadlift?

All input will be greatly appreciated!

Wear a belt, pull mixed or hook grip. Chances are that’ll get you a 500 lbs DL off the bat.

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do more deadlifts

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Tren hard

5’s Pro, 5x5 SSL for leader and PR sets, 3x5 FSL took my deadlift from 226kg to 250kg.
Rhodes 5x531 along with shit load of ab work took my deadlift from 250kg to 270kg
These has been the best things I’ve done.

The original 3/5/1 SST setup was great too, as it took me from 190kg to 226kg.


Thanks Mark any advice on ques with the belt for sumo? Or same as convetional?

Varying reps sets etc? Any advice or things that have worked for you?

That’s gonna be a no from me

Thanks Manze what kind of training max didn’t you use to start from for those leaders?

With experience, success and failure you will learn what works best for you. Asking someone what works best for their deadlifts doesn’t necessarily mean that their approach will work for you. What I tend to do is stick with a particular supplemental approach until it stops working, and then try something else. I have used BBB@FSL, 5x5/3/1, 5x5@FSL, 5x5@SSL, and always use 5’s pro during leader, and 5/3/1+ during anchor. I tend to stick with a lower TM so that I can really own every rep and every set with purpose. My advice is to stick with whatever got you to 420 pounds and work towards 425 pounds. Worry about hitting 500 after you get to 495. Best of luck.


I always use 80% for TM. The lower TM works best for my deadlift. I ALWAYS fail using 85%+ on the deadlift, even though it works wonders for my Bench Press.
Also I asked Jim for advice on achieving 300kg deadlift on his private forum, and he answered me in great deltail. He has shared some of it on his public blod - https://jimwendler.com/blogs/jimwendler-com/deadlifts-how-to-tug-like-a-pro

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The belt should really just increase pressure when you brace, and maybe let you squeeze your abs harder. You might wear it a little lower for sumo if you wear it higher for conventional but I can’t think of any other real differences.


Sorry not been on for a while!

Any advice on 3 training day week programs with squat and deadlift on their own days with accessories and pressing movements and accessories together in between?

Do you miss high or off the floor?

Do you do concentric only or controlled eccentric in training?

I miss mostly off the floor

Controlled eccentric lowering of the weight yes

For sumo off the floor I recommend this: