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Advice on Prepping for a Photo Shoot...

My wife is doing a last minute photo shoot on Monday night. It’s her first and she’s excited but neither of us knows much about what to do in preparation.

My advice to her was to limit her carb intake from right now (Thursday night) up until Sunday at noon. I also recommended that she stop drinking water beginning Saturday morning.

That said, I may be talking out of my ass. As far as her workouts go, I have no idea. I assume high reps and a split of uppper body/lower body in the 4 workouts before the shoot.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. She’s prepping for her spray tan now as we speak…

If this is her first time cutting water, don’t expect miracles. Do what you can and learn from the experience.

What look is she going for - is she in figure/fitness/bodybuilding? How lean is she right now? What has her diet been like so far?
Assuming its the same for a woman bber as for a male bber, she should have dropped carbs wayyyy earlier, for a start.

She’s not going to be building muscles, also she’s going to be severely depleted (hopefully) so the type of workout at this stage is not really an issue. Lifting heavy is obviously out of the question. Also invest in glycerine (if she wants to keep fullness).

She will probably cut water on Sunday evening or late afternoon (again not sure about a girl but from my toolkit) and sugar/fat load on monday morning? Its all based on prior experience honestly.

there’s an article here called 'Shredded in 6 days" that explains the bare bones of this. Look it up on the search.