Advice on Preparing For A Cheat Day

Hoping to get people’s feedback, regarding my preparation for a cheat day tomorrow.
I’m thinking that today, I should cut my carbs down to almost zero and lower my caloric intake as well…knowing that tomorrow I’ll be eating a lot of carbs, (pizza, ice cream), and exceeding my usual calorie consumption.

Any thoughts are much appreciated. Lorne

My advice-

Don’t lower calories before the cheat.

Eat what you want without trying to monitor calories.

Eat 'til you are full but don’t stuff yourself.

Don’t eat unless your hungry.

Workout before you cheat.

Great advice above dont over think this relax and just enjoy hell id even not do the workout store all that and you’ll have an AMAZING w/o the next time you lift alwasy happens to me. Have my weekly cheat the day prior to DLing.

Good idea to workout before the cheating.

I definitely don’t recommend working out in the middle of a cheat day, or right after.

I tried this and I almost puked (even over an hour after my last meal).

My stomach didn’t feel right throughout the whole workout.

Working out before the cheating (or right after a regular meal in the morning) should be good since there’s even less of a chance of storing the extra calories as fat.

I also found that I don’t eat much protein at all on my cheat days. I guess I get sick of eating so much protein during the week.

Don’t go overboard with one type of food. You won’t be as excited about other tasty foods if you get full on one. I did this (with icecream) and later in the week it kinda made me feel like I wasted my cheat day.