Advice On Powertec Equipment

First I want to say I have not been around here reading articles or on the forums for awhile and I don’t know if this is the right forum for my post, so if it should go somewhere else I’m sorry, and mods move it please. I have always like the advice from T-Nation, and there are so many knowledgable people from all walks. So I wondered if anyone has owned, or used extensively and what they thought of, Powertec leverage machines. Specifically this: and

I tried them and they seemed smooth and natural. The idea would be to use it in place of a regular cable and weight stack universal machine or seperate machines. I like the idea of feeling the weight you’re lifting like with free weights, when you are using a machine. I have the oportunity to get these very cheap and I wondered if anyone has used them much and could comment on utility/convenience of adjustment and use, durability and feel and results of lifting from workout to workout. Any input or opinions is greatly appreciated.

I have the wb-ls, at least an older version of it. I will say that it is well built but I have got to say that I hardly use it. I spend almost all my time training with a basic power rack and Olympic bar. Once in a while I will use it for accessory lifts.

Here, let Tommy Boy explain it himself as only he can