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Advice on Possible HRT/TRT


Hey, guys. First post here, mainly because I didn't get response on another site I frequent.. so here goes.

Male, 38, 6'3" 245-250 lbs. Probably 15-20%bf (never checked, but I have fat around my waist and chest, but my legs are fairly fat free.. lol)

For the past few years (well, since my early 20s) I don't remember ever having that sense of "well being" I remember in my younger years. I developed lactose intolerance as well as IBS in my mid 20s which really sucks (but controlled through diet for the most part).

I feel tired all the time, unless I'm either
1. Working out (which I have to force the first set or 2, then I feel great!)
2. Drinking alcohol. After 2-3 drinks I feel great, which leads to more drinking, which isn't good. so I don't drink that much now, maybe one binge a week with buddies watching UFC fights. :slightly_smiling:

I fall asleep easy enough, but seem to wake often. I have been tested for sleep apnea, which I don't have.

I can't shed fat to save my life. I've been working out all my life on an off, with actually the last 3 years being my longest stretch. And I think I keep it up now because, well, it's what makes me feel good for at least a couple hours during the day.

I want more energy, drive, and gumption. I have 2 young kids that when we play, I want to get down and wrestle, chase, etc, but my body and mind say "nah, sit on the couch, watch, and take a nap." I don't wanna be this guy.

Libido? Well, porn turns me on.. lol.. but I really only want to have sex after I've been drinking.. and my wife is smokin. :slightly_smiling:

I don't believe it's depression. I run my own business and do very well. I have a great family, wonderful house and great friends. I tried Wellbutrin a few years back to quit smoking and it totally freaked me out after a week and a half (when you're supposed to up the dose). I had to stop taking it.. it was HORRIBLE! I still smoke, but only a few a day (less than 1/2 a pack, which my GP actually says no big deal to, but I do plan to quit soon).

I set up an appt for bloodwork. I am going to ask specifically for total test, free test and E2. I also want to check estrogen, because of the lactose intollerance I consume a lot of soy in the form of Silk and Soy Protein shakes/protein bars.

So, any other info I should bring it? I've made a list with these points to bring in but I don't wanna be let down again if my test is low like I think it is and they say "ahh.. you're fine". If it's average or up, I'll look elsewhere, but reading all these posts and info on the net, it makes a lot of sense this could be it (they even correlate IBS to low test).

Thanks for any info!


I started the same quest your on about 8 months ago and have been studying dayly and find have learned that most Doctors don't have a clue when it comes to TRT.

You need to find a pharmacy that does compounding. Ask the pharmacist for referals but be sure to ask if they offer hcg and AI as their potocal. If he has a referal ask the doctors office the same thing. If they don't then don't waste your time and money.

Here is a link to a primer for you and for you to take to your doctor if you think he will listen. Good luck


Over the years I've come to the conclusion most doctors as a whole don't know squat about much as well. I'm just looking for a baseline to start by getting the labs done.

You never know.. I may luck out. Chances are I won't, but I need to start somewhere. Getting labs now, and I may get them again after getting snipped. If they're fine, I'll drop it and figure something else out. But, in 10-15 years I can get checked again and at least have a baseline from my late 30s.

Getting old is no fun, and I'm really looking for something to bring back the energy I once had so I can spend more quality time with my family kids. I never want to go anywhere or do anything with them (I do, but lack of energy is what stops me).

I won't lie that I hope it will help my workouts as well. Anyone who gets on TRT and says different I believe is fooling themself. :slight_smile:


There are several reasons other than just Test that can contribute to the symptoms your talking about. It could be a combination of other hormones too. Has your body temp been low? Getting a full male hormone panel is a great place to start. You can order one yourself online for about $300.00 if you have to.