Advice on Possible Gyno?

Running a Test, EQ, Deca cycle, near the end of the cycle. Last night notice that one of my pecs looked different when relaxed and when I tense. I don’t feel any lumps anywhere but almost seems like there is more skin than on the other pec.

Almost like a band of skin from my nipple to my armpit.

Could this be gyno, no lumps or anything and its not too noticeable. Is there anything anyone recommends taking. Never had any issues with gyno on previous cycles.

I have arimidex and nolva on hand but haven’t been taking as ran cycles at the same dose and not needed an ai.


No lump usually means no gyno. That being said, you can start taking low dose Nolva as a precaution and see if it helps.

Thanks, what dose would you run it at?

20mg eod for a week and see if it causes any changes.

Okay thanks will give it a go. Would you start taking arimidex for rest of cycle?

No. Nolva only

You are also taking Nandrolone so keep an eye on prolactin

I have not kept up with the science behind gyno.
My experience is that the first signs of gyno is itchy nipples. I would back off the test a little. But it should be said that I only used 200mg/wk testosterone, but along with three additional steroids, like Winstrol V, Equipoise, Deca, Methandriol, Parabolin, Anadrol, Anavar, D-Bol, Winstrol tabs, etc.
Also, for what it’s worth Test enanthate aromatizes quicker on me than test cypionate for the same doses.

Hi guys,

running test, deca, eq. Realised that one of my nipples has almost more skin under it than the other pec. No lumps just when I tense you can see a big difference and one side has more skin below the nipple. Is this gyno or just one pec has more muscle etc than the other. Can’t feel any lumps or anything but now I’ve noticed it I’m concerned. Uploaded some pics. The part I’m pinching is the part I mean.

Thanks in advance.

Do you feel hard, grissle-y tissue when you pinch like that? That’s what my gyno felt like.

Could be water retention or fat otherwise

Feels like it’s just skin. Could it just be fat or water retention even though it’s only one side?


How much of each drug are you taking per week?

Test e 600mg per week
EQ 400mg per week
Deca 400mg per week

Actually to me, your chest looks just a bit flabby (no offense). Do you have a full upper body pic (no homo)?

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