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Advice on Possible Cycle


I am 31 years old, about 220 pounds, 6ft tall, and probably around 13-15% bodyfat. I have gained about 45 pounds this year (and increased bodyfat probably by 5% or so) from hard training and eating a lot of food (a lot of this was regaining mass previously lost). I have made significant strength gains in this time (and these gains are continuing).

My goal weight/bodyfat is 230 pounds and around 10% bodyfat.

I am thinking about taking a cycle early to mid next year, but I have a friend who has a good connection now who can get anything I want, so I would like to buy now/use later, while I have access. I have taken one cycle a few years ago (10 weeks sust 500mg and deca 250), but although I loved the feeling, I put on way too much weight/mass too fast for my liking. I also tried Clenbuterol once but it made me feel sick so I dropped it.

I was thinking about taking an anavar cycle with possible some test added (low amount), while lowering calories and increased cardio. Goal would be to drop bodyfat by around 5% and maintain the same weight (so gaining some muscle at same time). Is this a realistic expectation? Or am I better trying to bulk up to 240 first and then try cut to 230? I don't really want my bodyfat getting too high.

Are there any other steroids that would be better for this purpose? Is Anavar not a good choice for this kind of thing? Any advise would be appreciated.


No steroids alone are going to increase or decrease your BF. your body composition is dependent on you diet and training.


What do you mean by this? surely its a good thing :wink:

Anyway I would honestly say anavar only cycles are a waste of time. If you want to use steroids on a cut and without "blowing" up, then maybe use test for the whole cycle along with a hardener (mast, var, tren, winny etc) for whatever period of time you are comfortable with.


Bro if your diet and training are on point, run a test 500-750per week for 12 weeks and deca at 400-500 per week for 10 weeks then trim after cycle with proper PCT and you will get those goals.

I have so many buddies that do the whole loose weight and get big, but it doesn't work that way, and they are always disappointed or quit halfway thru because they tried too do it their way, which just doesn't work.

Just do cardio three days a week and get your diet on point six meals a day and low fat and you will gain lean muscle and after cycle the water will shed off if you keep diet the same and do cardio 5 days a week.