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Yo to everyone at T-Nation,

Im new here but not to the lifting game. Been at it for I’d say 3-4 years in total. I am looking for advice and views on what I should do. I’ve been at a dilema so to speak on my body and not sure which route to go. Im 6’1 about 204, bf not sure if I were to guess 17%. Wanting to pack on mass but, at the same time I have in the infamous male “spare tire” and would love to get rid of it. I am also wondering if you members could help me decide which body type I am, I believe meso with a little bit of ecto. My eating is 6 meals a day, hitting 250 g’s of protein 300 g’s or so of carbs and 50-70 g’s of fat. Training is CW style, monday, wednesday, friday.

Anyways, I hope to hear some feed back soon. All advice is welcome.



What do your lifts look like?

I would say ecto with a little touch of meso and maybe a hint of dumbo

Why do these threads keep popping up in RMP?

Dude go to the beginners section!

I know you say you have been ‘at it’ for 3-4 years but its seems from your picture that your time has been wasted, so instead of wasting more time ‘at it’

Start from scratch and post a picture in this section when you have at least some semblance of a physique to rate

Dude, if you’ve been at this for 3-4 years…
… and you look like that
… and you’re taking in “300 g’s or so of carbs” per day…

… and you look like that?

300 grams of carbs per day?
Right now? To this day? And you look like that?

You’ve been at this for 3-4 years?

300 grams of carbs per day, to this day?

Have you learned so little about nutrition in 3-4 years time?

Just askin’…

deadlift high-pull hang-clean squat benchpress

what have you been doing for the past 4 years?

no offense but 4 years of training? i’d say you at it barely 6 months from the looks of you. 4 years of training means shit if what you were doing for those 4 years was wrong and not contributing to steady progress which is exactly what appears to be the case. head STRAIGHT to the beginners forum and start reading young man.

Not to be rude, But unless you lost a ton of weight, you wasted your time in the gym. I see the same people at my gym who come in and just talk and ride the bike and then I’m sure they go out and eat crap food. And they wonder why they dont see results. If you are serious eat right and hit the gym hard

alright alright, Its a weak description of what I have done. on and off for 3-4 years training with sub par nutrition. excuses excuses right? i dont care. work outs wise training looked the the classic m, t, t, s type thing one body part per week. classic magazine workout in other words. i wasnt big into the compounds for a long time and of course that was dumb.

in my defense I have seen guys worse than me, who have been training longer, with higher bf. eating 6-7 or more meals a day, not knowing any idea how many carbs i consumed a day, 300 is a ball park figure, i could be easily taking in more and not knowing.

The advice was tough and harsh, but what doesnt kill you makes you stronger and ya gotta learn thru tough love sometimes.

No back…no wheels…no respect around here

And your reason for posting another picture is…?

[quote]electric_eales wrote:
And your reason for posting another picture is…?[/quote]

Pics of his back and legs were requested.

Hey livestrong, Welcome to T-Nation. The free resources here are nothing short of amazing. I’ll tell you the same thing I tell all new members. Go right to the the sticky threads at the top of the beginners forum and read all the articles linked inside them. It’s a lot of information but it will provide a foundation of knowledge that will help bring your training and diet to new levels.

Good Luck.

I personally think you take in WAYYY too many carbs, and as for the protein, its been said in a few other articles that if you take in all that protein but your body doesnt use it…guess what…it gets stored and turned to fat!! Cut back alittle on the nutrition or work x2 harder with quite a bit of cardio or HIIT. I would get rid of alot of the “extra mass” and start off more leaner dude…

… I’m just say’in :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Consistency is a huge part of bodybuilding. I’ve had my fair share of on/off and it was ugly. Once I became consistent, the gains were a lot better. Stay consistent!

YOU don;t look like a complete beginner, but more like a guy who lifts the occassional weight irregularly and is not too careful with his diet.
LOBO, it was one thing for you to cut down as you had built up sufficient muscle mass (and added fat along the way) before doing so, thats NOT the case with this kid.
You are in no need to CUT now btw, if anything you should add mass, follow any mass-building routine for 1-2 years, be careful about your carbs (don;t avoid them) to limit fat gain.

I think your diet is not brining the results you are after. Try upping your protein to the 400g range and reduce the carbs to 100g max per day. Half of those should come after your training and the other half from vegetables.

What I was planning on doing was Thib’s Carb Cycling Codex and Waterbury’s Maximum Muscle Recrutiment

One word: squat.

[quote]goochadamg wrote:
One word: squat.[/quote]


[quote]livestrong wrote:
What I was planning on doing was Thib’s Carb Cycling Codex and Waterbury’s Maximum Muscle Recrutiment[/quote]

Training is an individual thing, however pay attention to the squat hints…

As for nutrition you don’t need to do advanced dieting techniques since you have a considerable amount to loose, just up your protein and manage the carbs via vegetables and some on your training days.

Since you aren’t going anywhere fast this could bring about a drastic change in your physique and motivate you to eat to grow.

Carb cycling IMO is a really advanced technique that you should use on those last 10lbs of subborn fat. that is not your case ATM. You need more muscle and a clean diet.

[quote]Pipes06 wrote:
No back…no wheels…no respect around here[/quote]

Well put!