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Advice on PCT w/ Triptorelin After 6 Years Blast and Cruise?

Hey Guys,

I couldn’t find a topic that covered this appropriately, I used to frequent this forum for a while but haven’t been active in years, I remember receiving the best information from here, so here it goes.

I’ have been BnC for about 6 years details are:

  1. Cruising 200mg Test E/wk for 2 months
  2. Blasting 500-700mg Test E/Wk and Proviron 50m/day for 3 months
  3. Irregular use of HCG ( for 2 months last year July/Aug 2000 IU Eod )
  4. Adex used as needed if symptoms are present.
  5. Used MK677 and GW50156 periodically for 1-2 months at a time.
  6. Currently on 200mg Test E/Week, will aim to come off in 8 weeks.

What I have on hand for PCT:

  1. HCG 2. Triptorellin 3. Clomid 4. Nolvadex 5. Arimidex ( probably isn’t needed, but have it on hand)

My questions are…

  1. Would you use Tripto before or after HCG use.
  2. What dosing protocol would you suggest for HCG, I’m going to start it ASAP, but don’t want to waste it by underdosing.
  3. Nolvadex I plan on doing your typical 40/40/20/20
  4. I’ve read a ton of positive posts about clomid at low dose, but for longer time frames. Anyone here have experience with this?

I’ve gone through a few pages of posts, but few had triptorellin involved, and even fewer were for pct after this long. Where there is such a broad range of information regarding all of this, I wanted to post here and get specific situational answers. Any advice or discussion is welcomed, if I didn’t format my post properly or left something out, feel free to let me know and I’ll edit it.

Thanks guys,

No issue with starting HCG now or you if limited availability start using it toward the end of your 8 weeks. Run it for 3 weeks after cessation of Test E. On week 4, start your Nolvedex regimen as you laid it out. Thats how I would do it. I’m not a doctor though, although I did play one on TV.

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Thank you, what would you dose the HCG at? 1000IU EOD ?

I think 500-1000 IU is pretty good. There is a limit to how much it will do as it is mimicking LH. Meaning, more doesn’t necessarily do more.

I know a guy that blasted for about 2 years with heavy compounds. He just used Clomid (I would prefer Nolva). He started with 100, 100, 50, 50 (with Nolva, those dosages would be 40 and 20 mg). But after those 4 weeks, he ran 25 mg for like 3 months, and 12.5 mg for another 2 months. He recovered well (his TT is mid 500s currently).

I might consider a longer SERM cycle with taper. Maybe not what is listed above, but I might run an additional 4 weeks at 10 mg a day.

I think it’s an interesting approach, most likely do a typical clomid dose 100/100/50/50 and then 25mg until I get bloods done and then adjust from there. I’ll probably do 1000 Iu EOD for the entire course, stopping after week 3 of Test E cessation and on week 4 do the typical Nolva protocol of 40/40/20/20 and clomid dosing laid out above.

Anyone have any experience using tripto in conjunction with these compounds? When to use it?

This has been very helpful so far, thank you.

I have never used Triptorelin. I think Greg Doucette has an old video on it (when he wasn’t just click bait).

I think you probably only need one SERM.

I think your timing is pretty good. However, I will comment that the time off of the Test comes down to more than just the ester. The dose used is also important. On 200 mg/wk, you can probably start the SERM on week 3 if you want. It is okay to wait until the 4th week, just not necessary on 200 mg of Test E.


This guy was a similar case and strategy to your own. He posted all his bloodwork through the process. Best of luck

I don’t like suggesting dosages for peeps. I would definitely say @mnben87 shot you the range. If it were me I’d do the low end.

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The amount I’m learning just from you two is great. I really appreciate the help and going to dive into these resources.

Can’t stand Greg, he lives about the minutes from me, but the man is knowledgeable. ( As you said, prior to his click bait status and constant annoying screaming ) I used to watch his videos or knowledge, guess I’ll check him out again.

Fwiw, a trt clinic told me much more than 500 iu EOD wouldn’t do much more, and they would worry about higher than that long term. I have seen medical professionals recommend higher for fertility though.

I’ll say if it’s me, I’d do 500 iu EOD. And I’ll say I’m not a doctor, and this is for entertainment only.