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Advice on PCT Please!

I’m on a 14 week cycle of test e only at 500mg/week

The PCT that has been suggested for me is 1000iu HCG ed for 5 days a week after my last jab, then clomid at 100/100/50/50

Please advise on this and the best way to go about it.
I have not been taking HCG on cycle, which i regret a little, but I hoping I havnt f*cked myself over here

Days 1-13 250 iu hcg ED
Day 14 60 mg nolva 100 mg clomiphene (day 1)
Days 15-28 nolva 40 mg ED clomiphene 50 mg ED (15 days)
Days 29-43 nolva 20 mg ED clomiphene 50 mg ED (15 days)
Days 44-50 nolva 10 mg ED clomiphene 25 mg ED (7 day taper)
D aspartic acid, zinc (just in case of deficiency), magnesium, 4000 iu vitamin D, calcium, vitamin c, b vitamins, multi, fish oil, pes erase as a weak nonsupressive antiestrogen (low dose anastrazole is fine too), and antioxidants. Creatine and preworkouts for performance. Make sure you get enough fats and bcaas from your protein intake. Sleep a lot. Try to have sex. Up workout intensity and throw in a base amount of cardio but nothing crazy. Stress less. Prostitute yourself.

prostitute yourself bro…thats awesome

Haha why not! At least i can earn some extra cash!
I’ve actually already finished my cycle and have just taken my last jab of test. Unfortunately i did not take hcg on cycle as my source did not recommend it, needless to say my source is sh!te.

I need advice on just the hcg and pct part cheers for the advice though