Advice on OVT from the Beast?

Hi im stephen. i have been viewing the site for around 3 months now and i can tell CT is the real do, so i come to you for advice. At the begining of summer i began to “cut” i cut carbs and saturated fat intake along with supplementing a thermogenic fat burner. This worked well, i dropped about 20 lbs and began to see more definition in my abs. But it still wasnt enough, im looking to achieve all i can.

Currently i am doing Christian Thib’s OVT program: and i am seeing good strength gains and my body has responded nicely. But again im not where i want to be, So now i come directly for any advice you would have. i am somewhere between 9 and 11 % body fat and would like that to be morely around 6 or 7 %… i am coming upon the end of the OVT first month and am about to change the exercises, what exercises would you recommend? what type of diet should i use?

(lately i have depleted carbs, i try to eat mainly meat) im not sure if this is the best, would you mind laying out a diet plan for me to follow? Also any advice you have would be great…

thanks, stephen.

any one else who would like to comment on this feed is more than welcome. i just wanna do what is best and cut out all the non sense.

CT is a high level coach who does this for a living. It is not only unrealistic, but borderline disrespectful to expect him to set up a new program and diet for you for free. Other than your estimated bf% you give absolutely no information about yourself or how you’re setting up your diet, so even if he would be so inclined, it is impossible to say much of anything.

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