Advice on Oral Andriol for Bulking+ PCT

Hi guys I would really appreciate it if someone have experience with oral Andriol (Testosterone Undeconate) and can provide some advice.

In the past I’ve tried a cycle of Sustanon 250 (Started 250mg TWICE weekly) but it only lasted 3 weeks before I have to cut it off due to the side effects (depression, extreme fatigue, short tempered, acne, hair loss…etc)

Now I am only looking for moderate gains of 3-5 kgs and I prefer something milder.

I am planning to do 5 caps (200mg) daily for 4 weeks as a start.

As with PCT what would you recommend on this one? clomid, tamoxifen are available

A bit about myself at the moment:

BF: 17%

find something else…

if 500 mg/wk of sustanon is to much for you, the you might need to assess whether or not AAS use is right for you.

otherwise, look at something like Anavar… andriol sucks.

EDIT: here’s a better explanation that my above “andriol sucks” version…

andriol reaches it’s peak in 2-6 hours (but it is back to baseline in 12 hours), which means you’d need to dose it pretty frequently to see results. it might be handy in a short cycle, but it’s not cheap, either, so there are far better choices, IMO…

if you’re looking to avoid sides, then this is not the drug for you.