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Advice on One Month's Albu/T3 Stack?

Hello guys ! I’ve been taking albuterol for about two weeks now to assess my tolerance and I’m thinking about adding t3 in my cycle.

Now I know that it must be used carefully

So I’m planning to run it for one month :

Keeping my 32 mg/day( of course divided by 3 takes ) of albuterol since I’m working fine with it + my ketitofen every day

and adding t3 for maximize fat-loss, now I don’t know which way is better

  • taking 12.5 mcg two times a day throughout the month

  • Or starting slowly from 12.5 mcg for 3 days, then 25x3days, 50x3days, 75x3days, then go down up to 0

Can you guys enlighten me ?

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i would taper the T3 up…

some guys feel great on it (albeit a little wired), whereas other guys are crazy tired or extremely wired and anxious.

plus, i’d suggest taking as little T3 as you need to lose fat… no reason to take a higher dose that will be more likely to cause muscle loss.

before I answer on the T3 are you taking any other AAS?\

Nope not any other aas

I feel like I have to loose less than 5 kilos but it’s stubborn fat that I have since my early teenage years and it’s not going off even with just albu

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without other anabolic drugs, T3 is just too catabolic, Id leave it out man, unless you want to shed a lot of muscle along with the fat, it might take longer just doing some albuterol and good diet and training but its going to look a lot better

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Yeah I’ve seen 60% effect on fat and 30 % on muscles

Shouldn’t a little cycle prevents too much muscle loss ? It may not enter in consideration for t3 but when doing a cut people told me it was also alot catabolic but I never lost anything.

I was thinking doing a short cycle like maybe 3x12.5,3x25 then up to 3x50 then going down to prevent too much muscle loss

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where have you seen this?

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Either on some studies or some dude told me that on this forum or anabolicminds idk

Still haven’t checked if that was legit tho

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yeah, i posted that here a while back, too (in the beta-2 agonist thread).

1.5 k lost in LBM vs 2.7 k lost in fat with 75 mcg of T3/day for 6-9 weeks:

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also, here’s an interesting study showing the effects of T3 on beta-2 receptors. one of the interesting effects of thyroid is that it significantly increases beta receptors in both muscle and fat, thereby making any beta agonist more effective for both fat loss and as an anticatabolic agent:


Indeed that’s really interresting, meaning it can be really interresting coupling both albu and t3 as they wouldbenefit each other in order to minimize muscle loss

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