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Advice on Nutrition for Numptie

Ok Guys, I need to bite the bullet and ask for some advice. I have stalled a little bit and need some advice on a very simple nutrition plan to get me started on at a base level that I can tweek going forward. You guys are gonna give me grief about my weight and lifts but remember everyone has to start somewhere…

Iâ??m 5â?? 8â??, 65kg, 33 years old. I can deadlift 230lbs. Squat 195lbs and bench 180lbs. I am fairly lean but canâ??t shift the last bit of problem fat on my stomach that is doing my head in. I train heavy as i can upper/lower split recently 2 days on one day off.

The last month of diet I tried was 2 or 3 poached egg on one granary toast for breakfast at 9am, 80g chicken, 35g brown rice and ¼ head broccoli and peas for the next two meals 12pm, 3pm, training at 5pm with 40g carb drink during followed by 60g Protein shake straight after, 7pm 80g chicken, 35g brown rice and ¼ head broccoli and peas, 60g Protein shake 10pm. Bed.

On off days I do 2 poached egg on one granary toast breakfast at 9am, 12pm 80g chicken, 35g brown rice and ¼ head broccoli and peas, 3pm 60g Protein shake , 6pm 80g chicken, 35g brown rice and ¼ head broccoli and peas, 9pm 60g Protein shake

I used to be 50kg four years ago so I have put on 15kg of muscle in that time but now I am stuck. Seriously stuck. I have been stuck at 65k for a year. Do you think I should just not bother trying to stay lean and double up all my portions? I am really strict with my diet most of the time so if you can just tell me the right quantities of chicken, rice etc for on and off training days I will stick to it!! I just cannot work out how to do high protein diet but still get enough calories to grow.

So this is the hard bit â?? having to ask. ï??

3 pieces of advice.

Eat more food.

Use google.

Read the stickies in the Beginner forums.

Yeah i have been through a number of diets and read those articles a zillion times. I have managed to put on 33lbs of muscle over the last 4 years (admittedly i previously had none). What i am struggling with now is that i have plateaued with weight gain. I have tried to add in carbs from brown rice and pasta but in the past this has eventually made me fat(ter) rather than bigger.

My issue is that once i have consumed 300g Protein i have trouble making up the left over calories using only fruit and vegetable sources (as indicated in the 7 habits article). How do i consume 2000cal in veg & fruit? Is it becuase i don;t understand the fat piece? I have never really seen an article expaining how to get 25% of my calories from added fat - thats 750 cals in fish oil tablets and added olive oil?? :slight_smile: Should i drink the stuff??


Eat more. You are scranny. Add a meal, add two or three eggs, 100 grams of chicken, etc

You have read a zillion times, but it it obvious you don’t understand.

3500 calories is a number to start with. Divide by 6 meals : 583.3

As per your menu, your powder is around 330 calories ( dependent on the brand, could be a little more).

2 eggs and toast is what? 200 calories?

Are you understanding that you are not eating enough?

OK i get it. The problem i have is that when i do eat like that i heap on fat then lose all the muscle when i try and get rid of it. Maybe i just don’t have the genetics to be bigger than this and lean at the same time. I’m already way bigger than my natural genetics wanted me to be for the first 28 years of my life! If you think i’m “scranny” now! :slight_smile: