Advice on North Carolina TRT

Hola - it’s my cherry busting post here, so apologies if I butcher a rule or protocol…

I’m 40 and have a host of other health issues, mostly related to a chronic pain issue. By the aid of a cocktail of pain killers I’m relatively pain free and that’s good. This didn’t impact the ‘dick in the dirt’ lethargy, low libido and all the other low-T calling cards. My pain spc dude ordered a Test panel and I came back at 202ng/dl total t. Seems easy, right.

Started at 2ml of 200mg Test Cyp every two weeks (based on my crash after the first injection). I retested and maxed the test (>1500). My PCP (a lady) freaked out and ordered I ratchet it down to 1ml. Still maxed the test. Free T from the initial post-TRT test was 53 (6-21 is normal range I believe).

At 1ml the symptoms of low-T began to return - it’s interesting to note that the vitality and vigor from TRT allowed my brain to block out any pain that might remain from the other treatment options. Anyway, my fine vile wretch PCP has refused to continue my TRT.

  1. Are +1500 levels of a concern? I’m a DINK and have no interest in fertility and low/no PSA results at my present age.
  2. Anybody know of a TRT doc within the Charlotte to Raleigh areas that (assuming #1 answer is hell no) is good to work with? I’ll drive; I don’t care.

I spent 20 years suffering in chronic pain and I discovered an answer to my problem in TRT (at least part of it) - I’m not going back. Thanks for your time and responses in advance.


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i’m confused why a pain doctor would order a testosterone panel. your pain(narcs in particularly) can have

a profound effect on your test levels,and horomones as well and however taking testosterone will actually

help. taking TRT can solve alot, but be sure that you can go off your meds if able to do so and dont put

yourself in a position you cant get out of in the event you may need your meds.

bartonmlee, thanks for the response - as referenced by the 20 year journey, I’ve had a hell of a time finding out the solution and after I think 20+ doctors, consults and the like this guy had the brain wave to give it a try (he’s a brilliant out of the box chap who I sought out for that very reason). I’m also a pretty advanced case where the pain is not bearable off meds.

I’m one of the folks deemed ‘opiate dependent patient’ and even with the TC injections I cannot get away from the medication taken every 6 hours. About 2 hours off the meds cause these very short life compounds to send my body into withdrawls. Needless to say, that’s not feasible (I’ll share more in PMs but I’m cautious about discussing meds and levels from the nutters who are “addicted” vesus “dependent”.

Do you think there are journal/articles that might shed light into the infulence or are the impacts of narcs on total T tests an anecdotal thing observed by the gents who visit this site (among others)? The Test was the missing puzzle into the regiment but it is just a piece.

All pain doctors should order testosterone tests as not only the opiods but the pain itself suppress your hormones. Also get your adrenals and thyroid tested (read the stickies for the proper tests), as well as the other tests they specify (E2, SHBG, ect.). Properly administered TRT can help your pain decrease, reduce your need for pain meds, and make the opiods you still have to take more effective by helping the opiods cross the blood/brain barrier.

First off thanks for the responses in the past. Something has happened and I need some SME opinions on what to do next.

I have been cruising at a great place (Pain & physical) for a year or so with a mid-level narc regiment and 2ml TRT x 2 weeks. My GP (a PA in a rural area) has refused to write Rx’s for the therapy because the LabCorp TT test places me off scale (High side) above 1500. The physician I thought had a streak of free will has recently refused to write the script due to studies indicating a potential risk for 65+ men (I’m 42).

Now that I’m riding the lightning with the medication I have on hand, the doctor’s suggestion is for me to see an Endo and find out why the levels are so high. I’m interested in that because I’d like to know as well; BUT I’d rather not stop therapy and return to the crappy feeling of a sustained 7-8 out of 10 pain level…

Any theories of what might be the issue, where a 180 TT scorer who at therapudic levels of TRT scores 1500+ on the same test? I am struggling to find a primer to lead the Doc’s with information wise and I’ll not return to the non-TRT place unless sudden death is guaranteed.
(I’m a stable, easy going dude; I know how to screen & think for myself… Any reticent takers who wouldn’t post publically, please PM me with your thoughts - It’s good karma!)

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