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Advice on Next Blast?

Okay so I’ve been on TRT for two years. I have done about 4 different blasting cycles during that time as well. I’ve used Test C, Dbol, Eq, Anavar, and Test prop. My TRT Test C is prescribed from my Dr. but when I do a blast I get my gear from a local body builder. I’ve had ok results from all my cycles nothing amazing but they have all been low doses to moderate doses. So here what I’m thinking for my next cycle.
Test C 500mg week 1-16
Masteron prop 300mg week 1-16
Tren Ace. 300mg. week 1-10
Anavar. 100mg/day. week 1-8
Winstrol 50mgday. week 12-16

Are these considered low to moderate dosages?

No I would say these are moderate to high doses well based on what I have done.

I’d cut the anavar in half simply because you won’t need that much for good results. Otherwise this is a fairly straightforward intermediate cycle. What’s the goal?

Want to lean out for the summer and trying to lose as minimal muscle mass as possible. I actually won’t start this cycle or a version of it depending on the feed back I receive til March. I know Test Prop would probably be better for this goal but I just can’t handle the post injection pain very well.

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I’m just here to learn. Not trying to hijack but I just seen an identical cycle with 700 tren wk instead, 350 test and he didn’t decide on both or just one oral. He had the same goals. Lean but bulk for the summer.

Why not tren e to match the test

Tren is quite strong. For a first time using it better to take caution. Even after more experience how your body will handle it I don’t think unless your a pro or getting on stage you should use more than 250-350mg/wk. There is no ned. If it were me I would also lower the test dose a bit and let the other compounds shine.
Anavar is also high. I would take @ iron_yuppie advice and lower it to 50mg/day. The tren is already gonna wreak havok on his body.
His proposed stack is similar to the one I used my first go with tren accept I used 180mg test/350mg tren/350mg mast and finished with 50mg anavar for the last 4 weeks.
Results were great.I think alot of times less is more especially when trying/mixing compounds for the first time. I would also get bloods mid cycle to see where you are at before deciding to add the winstrol in at the end.
Just my 2c.

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I get my blood work every 3 months so I always keep an eye on my levels. My doctor doesn’t approve me blasting and so he stops prescribing me test C while I blast but he will still draw my labs and tell me his thoughts. Which is always what you’re doing is bad you should just take TRT doses. Then when my levels lower and get where he wants them after my blast he prescribed me test c again. I will definitely be cutting my Anavar does in half like you guys suggest.

Ok well I got everything to start this cycle. Which I will in two weeks after I get my bloodwork done with my TRT doc. So based on my research and talking to my trainer and a few other guys including guys here. This is the final cycle I am gonna do. Unless someone really shots a hole in it and tells me why.
Test C 500mg week 1-16
Masteron prop 300mg week 1-16
Tren Ace. 200mg. week 1-10
Anavar. 50mg/day. week 1-8
Winstrol 50mg/day. week 12-16
P-5-P. 50mg/day week 1-12
Cardarine 10mg/day week 1-10
Arimidex On hand only if needed.

May not be enough. I take 100mg daily just as a supplement. Depending on how the Tren treats you, may need to take 100-200mg, IMO

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Thanks I appreciate the info

I have to agree, I would say minimum 200 mg/day. it’s cheap and easy to get and I don’t think there’s much of a risk of “too much” without getting close to the 1000 mg mark.

Also @fire1982, IIRC, winny and tren is a TERRIBLE combination. but I’ll defer to @unreal24278 on that one. He posted lots of literature how that specific combo is highly cardio toxic? unless I am remembering incorrectly.

Only if living and having functional joints is more important to you than visual excellence.

If it was me, I would just run the Var twice (beginning and end).

Well I will do some more research and will definitely consider doing Anavar at the beginning and end instead of Winstrol. I know I will not be doing Tren and Winstrol at the same time if you see my cycle so idk if that matters.

Winstrol has it’s use, but that involves getting on stage. It will give a good look if you are lean, but the negatives outweigh the positives in most circumstance. Anavar and Tbol IMO are much better non aromatizing orals. You could do var or tbol as the first and last 4 weeks.

Do you plan to use a liver supplement? NAC and TUDCA can be purchased on Amazon, are cheap, and are a good preventative measure if running orals. I would run one of those all the way through if you plan on doing orals in the beginning and end.

Well the stage is the goal I am at about 15% body fat at 182lbs at 5’6 so the most I can weigh on stage is 175lbs. Now with that said the stage won’t happen if I feel I am not ready so maybe I should see where I am at that time when it time to start Winstrol and decide if I am stepping on stage or not to either redo Anavar or start Winstrol. I appreciate all the information guys really it’s helping me.

I am going to use choline inositol 1500mg a day for my liver.

Your stage weight would actually be a lot less. You need to lose 15lbs of pure fat and even with anabolics it doesn’t work that way.

Stage weight would be ~161, assuming you hit 4%, which is about what’s standard now. That’s assuming no muscle gain from here, just pure fat loss.

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4 percent is pretty rare outside of pro shows. I think most ar in the 5s though. Absolute misery IMO. I’ll stick with strength sports and try for 12 percent. 160 shredded at 5’6" will look pretty damn though.