Advice on Newly Prescribed HRT

Hey Everyone I am new to the boards but not to the site long time visitor just made the commitment.
Went to see the Hormone Doc yesterday for the first consult. Some quick history on myself. I am 32, 5’9 at 199 right at 13% according to an Inbody scale. I have been working out for about 15 years also in the fitness industry for just as long professionally. I do not compete any more, I have never taken anabolics.
Hopefully that gives you guys a little quick history.

On initial talk with the Doc, while I had my shirt off he said just by looking he could tell my estrogen levels were higher then they should be based on the fat around my chest. He also told me the muscle density isnt what it should be for my size. He said your a bigger guys you should be harder then you are! Made that very clear.
So we got the blood work and I got back in 2 weeks to review that with him. He wanted to start me on Letrozol 1000mg EOD and 500ml of HCG ED. Then when I go back he said we will look at the labs but he figured I was probably under the test level amount where he would start me on some TRT also.

I have some concerns about the letrozol and HCG.

  1. Never used anything like them before so I dont really know what to expect.
    I have been doing a lot of reading about letro and HCG but havent found anything about taking them together. So my first question is does anyone have experience with these 2 together?
    Secondly will the HCG off set some of the side of the Letro like the tiredness, low sex drive, dry joints?
    Third what if I were to use the HCG alone would that have a negative effect on just converting to estrogen since I have higher levels already?

Sorry these may seem like juvenile questions but I know a lot of you may have some real world experience that may help a brother out.