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Advice On New Routine


I basically put this together following much of what's in CT's "Design A Damn Good Program" article. It's summer, so I have been getting excellent recovery so far and 4 days under weights doesn't seem like overkill. Any advice on exercise selection or the parameters I have laid out would be MUCH appreciated.


Oops, for some reason T-Nation is letting me edit the original picture of my workout above (it was missing a day). Here's the complete copy. The last day should also read "Saturday" not "Friday" again.


Good overall program. I see a few points to improve:

  • leg day seems a bit too quad dominant; have you acces to a Glute-ham raise machine? If not, add some RDL or Good Morning; I'd do lunges later on the WO;
  • I'd do lateral raises last on shoulder day;
  • what about abs and calves?
  • Don't do twice a week the same exercises for arms: for biceps, you can do EZ curl, DB incline curl, preachers...; for triceps, at least one day, do some kind of pressing (JM press, close-grip bench, overhead lock-out...).

Parameters seem a bit redundant on first exercise (8,6,5,5,4); I'd go with bigger jumps (10,8,6,4,4+), with only the last set being an all-out effort (meaning that you try to get more than 4 reps); however, I wouldn't try a rep if I wasn't shure of getting it (hope it makes sense...).


Looking at it it doesn't seem like too bad a program but to do a proper critique on it we need to know what your goal is. The Goal is the most important part of any plan.
Just looking at it in general though, core work seems to be somewhat lacking. Also, with curls and rowing exercises your biceps are pretty much covered, that in mind I'd swap chins with the Pull-Up ... it's called the upper body squat for a reason and will give you a lot more bang for your buck.


I THINK we have a glute-ham raise machine somewhere (I go to a small, hometown gym, I'll have to check next time. Would you recommend adding the RDL or raises in addition to the exercise listed on leg day, or should I substitute something out? I'll move the lateral raises and lunges, towards the end. I am definitely in need of something to do as far as abs (oddly, I despise training them) and calves have always been great for me. In fact, I constantly get teased about them for being large. Can I just let the big compound lifts take care of them?

Concerning pull-ups and chin-ups, for the longest time I was doing pretty wide pull-ups (palms facing away) and I switched it over to chin-ups to change it up. Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it.