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Advice on New Food/Snack

Long time lurker… haven’t posted in a while. Heres the story:
When I forgot to grab my lunch for uni, I was pretty pissed off and hungry. Needless to say,I drudged over to the cafeteria but I saw some kid eating what look pork crackle outta a packet… (Aussies see Nobby’s Porky Bits Snack range).

Curious, I bought a some. It was 25grams and contained a whopping 15 grams of protein, 7grams of fat , 0.5grams of carbs and about 130 calories. Have i stumbled upon a gold mine? This sure beats eating canned tuna and will be a nice side for my 4 boiled eggs…Should I rush out and buy this 3 kg boxes? Whats your advice?

Bump for justice.

It sounds alright, just watch out for the sodium and preservatives content.

What’s your goals?

If you’re a hardcore health nut (like myself unfortunately), you won’t touch anything that is packaged.

However, I’d prefer you to eat that than…Oreos, Twinkies, and…Snickers, so I say go for it.

And have you seen what these College students eat these days?..