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Advice on Needles

Hi, I’ve seen a decent offer for a needles which comes with 42 syringes, 42 X 21g drawing needle and 42x 23g to inject.

Is the 21g to draw and 23g to inject good in terms of pain and time to inject? This will be my first cycle. I will be using them with Test-E

Previously I was using 18g to draw and 23x1” to inject. Now I’m using 21g to draw and 23g 1” to inject. When I pin delts I just cut the plastic needle cap in half and clip it back on effectively making the needle ~.5”. Keeps me from having to have two sizes for glutes and everything else.

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That’ll work just fine. I used to go with 25g until I switched to insulin needles, but 23g was what I started out using for TRT. Pretty painless once you get the technique down.

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I like slin pins myself.