Advice on Nebido

I am looking for some advice on the optimum way to use Nebido,%20solution%20for%20injection/ it is basically 4ml injection 250mg per ml of test undecanooate in castor oil. Manufacturer recommends use every 12 weeks. I am on my third inj monitored by my doc who now says I am ok to inject every 8 weeks.

What I would really like opinions on, is would it be worth while splitting the amp into 2 or 4 separate injections over the 8 weeks to smooth any potential peaks and troughs. I am using hcg and arimidex but not with docs approval as in UK they still do not see this as reqd although I have got my doc to add the E2 test to my next blood panel prior to review in January.

The difference in the first 12 weeks of TRT has been amazing and body composition mental clarity and energy are back to where they were 20 years ago. I have noticed mood swings at the 6 week point and feel splitting dosages may help this but more educated opinions from the forum would help me decide on this matter and perhaps give good feedback for guys in the future as this drug becomes more prevalent.

Many thanks