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Advice on My WS4SB Routine

20 year old, 5’10’’ @ 178 lbs, bf: 16%
bench max: 205 lbs
squat max: 295 lbs
deadlift max: 355 lbs

This is how i do my WS4SB setup:

Monday ME UPPER:
Bench press: work up to a 3 rep max
some type of dumbbell BP: 4x6
some type of row: 3x10
bicep curls: 3x8

Wednesday ME lower:
Box squat, good morning or deadlift: work up to 3 rep max
some kind of quad work: 4x6 (im weak at the top of the squat)
some kind of lower abck work: 3x8
abs: 3x12
shrugs : 2x12

Friday RE Upper:
BP or dumbbell bp: 2x max reps (every two weeks i do 3x10 instead of maxing out)
shoulder press: 3x8
tricep extension: 4x8
pull ups or chins or hammer chins: 5x5
grip work

Looks alright. But it doesn’t look exactly like the templates from WS4SB in some ways.