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Advice on My Workout Plan?

Hello, I wanted post this to see how I’ve done so far setting this up, any and all help would greatly be appreciated. This is what I have so far for a full body A-B-A/B-A-B three day a week plan. It’s been about three years since I’ve exercised to this extent after my injury (golfers elbow and shoulder problem). I don’t have access to gym with great equipment, home gym it is. I have plenty of dumbbells(adjustable), plates, ez bar, chin up bar, resistance bands and a tricep bar. (The numbers are the orders I would do them in)

Full Body A
5.Dumbbell Floor Press 2-4 sets x6-10
2.Goblet Squat 2-4 sets x6-10
1.Neutral Pull Ups 2-4 sets x4-10
4.Single Leg Dumbbell RDL 2-4 sets x6-10
3.Dumbbell OHP 2-4 sets x6-10
6.Lateral DB Raises 2-4 sets x10-15
7.EZ Bar Curls 2-3sets x8-10
8.Overhead Tricep Extensions 2-3 sets x10-15
weighted Ab exercise as well thrown in.

Full Body B
4.Sumo Squat 2-4 sets x6-10
3.Neutral Close Grip DB Press 2-4 sets x6-12
2.Bulgarian Split Squat 2-4 sets x6-10
1.EZ Bar Row 2-4 sets x6-10
6.Urlachers 2-4 sets x6-12
8.Locked Out Front Raises 2-4 sets x6-12
5.PU-IN Dumbbell Chest Flyes 2-4 sets x8-10
7.Hammer Curls 2-3 sets x8-10
Ab exercises thrown in

I’m most likely at high 20 to low 30% body fat, my jobs very sedentary but I stay active at work, looking to gain muscle, lose fat and get more of an aesthetic look with functional strength.

Again, ANY suggestions and criticism are welcomed, just want to really hammer down this workout to the best of my ability. Thank you all for your time.

Pick a programme from this site.

There is one called “strength training collage edition” that people seem to like.
Isdanutty wrote one a while back for beginners that people really rated.
But yeah in all honesty I’d drop the self written programmes and opt for professionally written ones.


This was structured with Jeremy Eithers program, but where can I find other programs on here?

My advice to you is What The Fuck Is All That.

Do what @carlbm says. Or 531 or something.

Use the search function

Just search beginners.
A few more named programmes are Arnold golden 6, 5x5 or starting strength.

Run for a few months. Drop in and ask questions. But to put it into context - there are guys that have been training for years, and dead lift 700lb (318kg) that follow a programme written by others.

Writing your own programme should be for guys that are much more experienced. Not beginners.

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Waterbury is one of the go to guys for full body, could run through his templates. this a good start…


I really appreciate it sir, I will definitely follow this advice, the more I think about it I see where you’re coming from, I should let pros handle the structure of my workout. Thank you again.


Thank you very much Rampant, I really appreciate it! I’ll definitely give his workouts a look!

Just so you can have access to nuttys program, I loved it when I ran it and I plan on running it again in late spring/early summer for a few months.

It’s great because of how much work is done in a small amount of time, gets your heart rate up(like crazy) and would probably benefit you quite a bit since your trying to lose a bit of weight.

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What is everyone’s opinion on these workouts?

I don’t think you qualify as advanced.

The hybrid split is something I’ve done a variation of and enjoyed. Do you have the equipment for it?

I wonder what lead you to exclude all the other recommendations that you received?

Certainly didn’t exclude the other recommendations, in fact I’m leaning towards the Chad Waterbury article, just wanted opinions.

With the Waterbury system, after the 8 weeks, should I stick with it and just progressive overload, or try something new?

If you liked it and it worked - run it again.

If not then try something new.


If I was a begginer still I’d go with Chad Waterbury programs his advice is rock solid. Some of the best stuff available.

move on to another of his. Loads of options -‘Waterbury Method’ good if want to go heavier

Summer project
Big boy Basics
The Art of Waterbury

…all have got good feedback over the years

My personal favorite has always been the: lift fast get big. It’s responsible to a lot of muscle in my frame. :muscle:

Can I get opinions on Charles Staley’s stuff, any experiences on here?

Seriously dude, just pick one and try it. The difference in outcome from running any of the professionally designed programs above is negligible across a couple of months, everything else being equal.