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Advice on My Upcoming Cycle


I'm currently 21 years old, and 225lbs. Bench-325x5, Squat-460x1, Deadlift-495x1 with a very strict diet. Last year I took two cycle of superdrol followed with some bullshit pct's like triple threat and drive which I ran for 8 weeks. Superdrol was way too strong for the pct I took and didn't match up in strengths.

On my second cycle I got an estrogen rebound and ended up with gyno. Then I immediately got on letrizol and pramisol followed by erase which worked effectively in reducing the gyno. Now I have a tiny ball (bb pellet size) behind both nips but it doesn't affect the appearance of my nipples and I'm hoping to keep it this way.

I need some help with any advice anyone has to give on my upcoming cycle which I hope to take and do the best I can to have no bad experiences with gyno again.

The prohoromone I'm going to take has 2-cyano-17a-methyl-17b-hydroxy-androst-3-one and 2a (10mg per capsule) , 3a-epithio-17a-methyl-5a-androstan-17b-ol (10mg per serving) then listed below is an Anabolic Activator Blend consisting of 6,7,-dyhydroxybergamottin (DHB), Vanadyl, Bioperine (22.5mg per serving). I have two bottles of this and it says to take for 6-8 weeks with two capsules a day.

From the research and knowledge about the product I've obtained I've found that the first chemical compound is Cyanostane which is an alteration of Superdrol. This chemical results in very dry gains and cannot convert to estrogen. The other chemical compound is Epistane and has been shown to reduce gyno for some males.

Basically I would like to know any information you guy's can give on someone who has had gyno in the past and still has a minimal amount left over. And it would be helpful if you guy's could tell me what pct I should take while on this prohormone. My main goal is to gain some lean mass/strength while keeping my bodyfat low. I've had a couple guys at my gym tell me I could take Clomid and one guy told me I could take pramisol and letrizol as my pct but I'm not an expert on the subject so it would helpful if any advice could be given on this from personal experiences. I want to take all the precautions I can while taking this so whatever pct I could take to not experience the shitty feeling of having gyno again would be helpful.


How could possibly ask what to take for pct

there is an entire stickied thread dedicated to that.

If you use steroids you use a SERM to recover.

Done and done.


So would nolvadex be a better pick than clomid for me since I've had a history with gyno? and should I run that with an Al like Letro?



Take an AI (adex) during the cycle, since you already have gyno. Letro can be used as well, but it's far more potent (kills about 90% of estrogen in males, adex about 40-60%). Read stickies.

For PCT I prefer Nolvadex. You need to take far less than with Clomid. This site claims 40/40/40/40 Nolva, but I've read many studies claiming that 20mg Nolva will increase your natural test as much as 40mg or higher would. I go for a 40/20/20/20 Nolva PCT. Clomid has more sides (vision problems, turning very emotional), so i'm not a big fan.

Oh yeah read stickies.

Ps: I would never take designer steroids.


Alright sounds good and thanks for the info! I know I'm a little short on the information but that's why I love this website because for newbies like me I can find the information I need to properly take this shit haha but just to sum things up I'll take the ph for 6 weeks and right when I start the ph I'll use letro with it then get off it once my cycle of the ph is over and start the nolvadex my 5th week. I'll use the nolvadex for 6 weeks and should I use anything after the nolvadex to level out my t levels since it's so strong?


I mean't arimidex instead of letrozole during my cycle, could anyone tell me the dosages/length i take arimidex and nolvadex?