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Advice on My Upcoming Cycle?

I’m currently 220lbs at 14% (bulking) 5 foot 10, 26 years old. 3rd real cycle (not counting ph’s) been off since July 15. Both previous cycles went well, no major issues, recovery went well. Pretty dedicated. Right now I’m eating around 4k calories, 300g protein a day, 400g(ish) carbs/day trying to keep fat around 100g (the only thing I struggle with, seems like there is fat in everything!)

Train 5x a week, not doing much cardio, as I’m bulking right now. When cutting I do fasted am cardio and postworkout cardio, 20 minutes each

Bench 275x2
Squat 415x3
DL 475x3

So, it looks like test prop and NPP for my next cycle. I have some superdrol on hand (it was an impulse buy, saw it for $15 on sale), as well as some winny and test E left over. I am using a TestP/NPP blend at 100mg/ml each. Gonna run things like this:

Weeks 1-4: Superdrol 20mg a day (am/pm)
Weeks 1-12: NPP 420mg a week (120mg EOD)
Weeks 1-14: Test Prop 420mg a week (120mg EOD)
Weeks 1-10: TestE 250mg a week (125mg 2x a week)
Weeks 10-14: Winny 75mg a day (am/pm)

PCT: Clomid 50/50/25/25
Erase: 75/50/50/25
Nolva?? 20/20/10/10 (might cut this out, some guys say don’t run Nolva PCT when using nandrolone or trenbolone)
And possibly an herbal product like Recycle or PCT Assist, haven’t decided

Also have cabergoline and exemestane on hand in case of any gyno, which i have yet to experience with any of my cycles. I hope to not have to use these.

Figured I’d use up the rest of my test E, plus I’d feel more comfortable having the test a little higher than my NPP, and also why I’m running the testP 2 weeks longer than the NPP. Don’t want any leftover nandrolone in my system when I start PCT.

Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated bros!

bump!!! Seriously… I want to hear what the bro’s here have to say about this

are you aware of the estrogen rebound super drol can have?

im not sure about NPP but since it falls in the same class as tren i would guess it could have the same sides… most like running low test (like a replacement dose) and high tren to avoid bad sides

…all i have to offer

bump… gear has arrived, waiting for the pins to arrive… Anyone out there have any more advice? What I’m worried about most is the prolactin from NPP… not so much its effects on gyno or libido… but how it will affect my recovery in pct.

Should I go ahead and plan to use cabergoline or pramipexole on this cycle? or should I wait until I notice progestin sides? If I don’t end up starting either ancillary should I go ahead and use them right before or during my pct to make sure prolactin is low enough to ensure recovery? I’m only using 420mg/week of NPP for 12 weeks

i would have caber and something to counter gyno on hand. you can start with a small dose of each as a preventative measure then bump up the doses if sides appear