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Advice on My Training?


your parry on my training

I wanted to share how many days I train at the week and the groups I train; I’ve been doing it for 5 years now, with good results; there is a small but constant growth;

but I do not know if sharing things with you could be optimized, for more results

Monday: chest - shoulders - biceps

Tuesday: back - triceps

Wednesday: legs

Thursday: chest - shoulders - biceps

friday .: rest

Saturday: back - triceps

Recovery Technique to Maximize Mass

What are you trying to achieve?




You’re going to need to post a little more than your training split if you want advice on optimizing results.

If you have been constantly growing for 5 years, assuming you’re not 18, then I don’t know what else you expect.


If I’m not mistaken, isn’t it that the usual combo in bro splits is chest - triceps and back - biceps?


Hes wanting more of a break down on exercise selection and reps and set scheme.


Few questions

  1. age


3.Current weight

  1. estimate of what you weighed when you first started.



75 kg


And the other two questions?

Do you put this little effort in at the gym?


Yes, always


Well, there’s something that’s easy to fix.


recovery technique to maximize mass

I want to try training the following muscle groups like triceps - biceps - shoulders recovery 45 seconds
on the chest - 1 minute backbone
legs 90 seconds
I want to implement this technique for maximum mass expression


Does this come with English subtitles? That’s quite a word salad you’ve made there.

If I’ve translated it properly, you want to shorten your rest periods on those muscle groups to ~1min, correct? Are you asking for advice, or just letting us know that you’re going to try it and see what happens?

Oh, and you want to get bigger.


Training biceps a day before back isn’t a great idea…beyond that…I dunno, it’s very difficult to judge your training approach with such little information.


Do this …