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Advice on my Squat: 315, 335, 355


Let me know how my form is. I don't know what my 1 rep max is.I felt good on the 355 and could of pulled more.I want to make sure my form is right before I go higher.I want to hit 500 within 2 years.


I think the rep at 355 was the best of the three. You appear to be tight and 'In Command' of the weight throughout. Why singles...a test day? What weight would be your good 6-8 rep. set?


I had to borrow the cam so I did it when It was suppose to be light leg day for me and I just wanted to post video on form and didn't want to over train the legs


I have gotten 3x10 on 315


i agree, the last set was your best. the only glaring issue i see is that you are letting the elbows drift back putting the weight in front of you. i would expect that as the weight gets heavier you will see this become a bigger issue if you don't start working on it. It's probably the biggest form issue with most people. you may want to try a lower bar position and work on getting those elbows under the bar and keep pressure on them throughout the set.

think that you have strings attached to your elbows and someone is standing directly in front of you and pulling your elbows toward them. that is the motion that you want to work towards. this doesn't happen over night and can take quit some time to fix. be patient but consistenly work toward getting those elbows under the bar and keep them down. you shouldn't see the arms moving around during the set.


cool thanks a lot will do I will stay light until I get that down I think I can do it with 315


i'm working on getting rid of the elbows up too. what's the con of doing that?


When you push your elbows forward it forces your chest up and keeps you from folding over with the weight.

When you push your elbows back (or allow them to drift back), your chest drops and you will tend to GM the weight or dump forward.


Not sure if that's your normal speed or you were exaggerating it for the benefit of viewing, but you're going to want to move faster. Looked pretty good otherwise, everything has already been said.