Advice On My Routine

I am trying to bulk up and I have been on the push/legs/pull routine for about 10 weeks now, looking for some advice on modifying this routine, or possibly starting something new.

Day 1

Bench - 5x5
Military Press - 5x5
Weighed Dips - 5x5
(optional)close grip bench - 5x5

Day 2

Light abs work out/rest

Day 3

Squats - 5x5
Stiff Leg Deadlifts - 5x5
Calf Raises - 3x10

Day 4

Light abs work out/rest

Day 5

Seated Back Rows 5x5
Rack Pulls - 5x5
Barbell/Dumbell curls - 5x5
Pull ups - 3x5

I like it, but if you have been on the program for 10 weeks its time for a change. the 5x5 program you outlined may be a little high on volume, but see how it goes. Don’t bother with the “ab work” on the off days-you already get plenty of that from the big lifts. Read more on periodization. Good luck.

I agree with the above damn fine refreshing to see. Now DO IT!!! put it to motion and then likle oher poster said look into more ways to progress peridization etc. But While DOING THIS!!!

Good plan


thanks for the encouragement, I have been seeing results from this and i hope to further progress.

So far I have been doing this using the max effort method, and it has been working.