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Advice On My Routine?

i need any advice on changing my workout for a month or two.i currently am doing three on one off then repeating.currently i am doing chest,shoulders and triceps. next day i am doing back and biceps and third day legs.i have noticed that by the time i get to legs i am wore out and really sore. it makes it harder to get a really great leg workout.i do alternate heavy and light days as well.

i was thinking of going to something like this…
monday, legs… 3 sets of wide stance squats,deadlifts,leg press,leg extension,stiff legged deadlifts(2 sets),calves.


wed.- back… bent over rows,pulldowns(wide),narrow pulldowns,rows,dumbell rows. then throw in some abs.

thursday-shoulders and traps. side laterals,shoulder press,rear laterals,rear delt machine,single arm laterals. traps-shrugs in front and in back.

friday- biceps hamstrings and calves.
straight bar curls,machine curls,dumbell curls and hammer curls.then forearm curls. hamstring- reverse leg curls,hamstring machine,stiff legged deadlifts.calves.

sat.- chest and triceps. flat bench,incline bench,flies,maybe some peck deck. triceps- weighted dips,skull crushers,tricep extensions,revers tricep extensions.

sunday off.

i try to switch up once in a while with heavy days(3-6 reps)and light days (8-12 reps.)i have been working out for about a year now. stats are 5-6 162 pounds. i eat between 220-250 grams of protien a day. i try to eat fairly clean, but i am trying to bulk so i am not real strict now. any advice would be great. thanx .

I would check out some of the routines by Chad Waterbury or Alwyn Cosgrove (check out the author’s section) that advocate total body workouts where you train movements or planes (vertical, horizontal) instead of bodyparts. If you must do a split I’d do it upper/lowerbody.


I just changed my workout form squats and deadlifts on the same day.The feedback i received was I would over train or just not make gains on my deadlift.This is my first week on the new routine.I,ll keep you posted. TRAIN HARD! Jimmy T

I say you could stick with the push/pull legs if its giving good results but just beating you up a bit.

Get more rest days in maybe just some GPP stuff.

Try= Legs, off, push, off, Pull, off, off

The cool thing about this split is you can squat on leg day then 4 days later Deadlifts can be considered a BIG pull exercise.

Worth a try IMO and with the added rest days you will more than likely be fresh(er) for each workout and heal/progress/and grow more.

Hope that helps,

thanks alot for the replies. ill keep you posted on my results. any other comments are welcome