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Advice on My Routine, Please

I posted on the beginners forum asking for advice, they switched up my current routine and told me to come here, so here is my old routine, and then the routine I was advised to do, hopefully I can get a little more feedback from you guys here.

Thread on Beginners forum:

Old routine:
Squat (5 sets, 5 reps)
Dead lift (5 sets, 5 reps)
Shrugs (2 sets, 8 reps)
Ab work

2 days rest:
Skipping and running will be done on rest days.

Monday: Muay Thai

Weighted Dips (5 sets, 5 reps
Weighted Pull ups (5 sets, 5 reps)
Dumbbell press (3 sets, 8 reps)
1 armed rows (3 sets, 8 reps)
â??Breathingâ?? pulloverâ?? (1 set)
Ab work

Wednesday: Muay Thai

2 days rest:
Skipping, running and sprints on rest days

Overhead press (5 sets, 5 reps)
Pull ups (3 sets, to exhaustion)
Dips (3 sets, to exhaustion)
Ab work
Farmers Walk

Friday: Muay Thai

New weight training routine(incomplete):
First session:
DB shoulder press(seated or standing?)
Side bends

Second session:
Pull ups
explosive exercise, I don’t really know what constitutes an explosive exercise so if someone could suggest a good one for me I would be very grateful
ab work(side bends and hanging knee ups?)

Third session:
Overhead press
Seated row
Close grip bench press
farmers walk

My cardio right now is a short run(like 1k) to a nearby hill n then I do a couple of sprints up this hill and then i run back, but before i go for the run I skip for the length of whatever song I’m listening to.

If only someone could help me with set/rep selection for the exercises or changes to the routine anywhere you see fit, also, I wrote up some goals that i wanted to try and accomplish, not sure if they are attainable for a fighter as they are mainly feats of strength:

Squat X2 bodyweight
Deadlift X2 body weight
Dip 100kg(bodyweight + added weight)
Pull up 100kg (bodyweight + added weight)
Overhead press bodyweight
Perform freestanding handstand push ups


program looks pretty good though I wouldn’t bother with side bends. Probably better off with planks and other stability based work based on everything I have read.

Sets and reps, you want to mix it up. The way I work is to do a week of 5 x 5, then the next couple of weeks I will work 6x3 before going for a PR with singles, then back to 5s.

Also, unless you are a total beginner, you don’t want to be sticking to exactly the same program month after month. 8-10 weeks of one program then mix it up a bit (doesn’t need to be a total change, just swap out some excercises.)

The way I work is to do 4 weeks of an excercise then switch to another similar one. Inclines, Declines, Flat for Bench. Front Squat, Back Squat for squats. That kind of thing.

2 time bodyweight DL should be pretty achievable for most people, the others might depend a bit on your body shape (I doubt I will ever OH press my bodyweight, I am too tall and slim for instance.)

Explosive excercise could be a power clean, kettle bell work, medicine ball work, depends or something as simple as depth jumps. Depends on the equipment you have available.

Hey radz12,

Where about’s in aus are you? I’m on the north-west coast of tas, lived up in albury nsw for a few years too…

It’s a hard deal trying to fit strenght training around ma/combat sports training, it’s something i’ve had alot of trouble doing, got something that works now though.

Could you post your current lifts please?

Also if this is mostly for muay thai, could you post a schedule of when you’re training, like-

SUN- Off
mon- pm muay thai
tues- weights
wed- off
thurs- weights am, muay thai pm.

you get the idea.

I think if you are a rank beginner, than doing 3x/week would be ok, but as the lifts get heavier and you start really putting some effort into your mt training it will be hard to maintain. There is actually a large debate about whether fighters should bother with weights training at all. You focus should be, in this order- skills skills skills, conditioning conditioning conditioning and then finally- weights.

The program you posted was ok, but there are similar programs out there that have been proven to work. Try starting strength, i’ll post it here just because i’m so nice :wink: I’ve also added a few extra “assistance” exercises that will help you acheive your goal. It’s kinda more like stronglifts I guess?

Day 1-
Workout A

Squat, 3x5
Bench, 3x5
Cleans, 5x3 (lower reps because it’s a technical lift)

Push ups or dips, bw until you can get 3x12-15, then add weight to bring reps down to 5-8
Ab exercises- hanging knee raise 3x 12-15, or prone bridge 3x 1-3 mins, try beat your times.

Day 2-
Workout B

Squat, 3x5
o/h bb press, 3x5
deadlift, 1x5 (yes only one set, you’re squatting 3xwk)

Pull ups or chin up or alternate between. bw until you can get 3x12-15, then add weight to drop reps to 5-8
Ab exercises- the one that you didn’t do from last time.

Day 3

Workout A again.

Next week you do the opposite order, so it’s always alternating between week 1-a,b,a weel 2-b,a,b etc etc etc.

Try and add 1.25kg to either side of the bar EVERY workout.

If you fail to get 3x5, then don’t add weight. If you fail three times in a row on the same weight, then decrease the weight by 10% and try again, adding 1.25kg/side until you beat your old record.

This is a time proven program that has gotten a whole lot of people up to a base level of strength. You can expect to get to about-

1.5xbw squat for 3x5
2xbw dl for 1x5
1xbw bench for 3x5
.75xbw press for 3x5

Then you’d have to move onto a more “intermediate” style program, with light days or differing rep schemes, weekly progress ect ect ect. Don’t worry about that stuff now.

Don’t worry about the “only” 1x5 DL (every second week you’ll do that workout twice in that week, by the way), your DL numbers will still go up trust me, the squatting helps quite alot. And you’ll stall less on the DL’s than you will with the squat. As you “reset” the squat weight by 10% your DL will still be going up.

Hope this helps, I mean, you could have found this info yourself but I was feeling nice and helpful so there it is…

I live in Brisbane.

My current lifts:

Squat is at 60kg for 5x5(I’m doing deep squats, I’d like to think that is why I’m weak at squats)
Deadlift is at 100kg for 5x5
OHP is at 45kg for 5x5(I’m 6’1 and 74kg’s, I got some orangutan arms on me haha)
dumbbell bench press is at 30kg each hand for 5x5
1 arm row is at 35kg’s each arm for 5x5
dips n pull ups I’m adding 10kg for 3x8

I haven’t done any cleans etc yet.

Um, training routine would be:

mon:pm muay thai
tues:weights pm(i usually go around 2-4pm)
wed:pm muay thai
thur:cardio at home
fri:weights am, muay thai pm
sat:cardio at home
sun:weights pm

Do you think it would be better to go straight to the Starting Strength routine or go with the new routine?

Oh cool, where do you train m/t?

Seems like a pretty full on schedule. I’d really try and get your diet as perfect as you can to fuel all that activity. If you start feeling tired and unmotivated all the time you can always drop to 2x/wk weights training. Sure, the progress is a little slower but it still happens…

I’d say go with starting strength. It’s time proven to add kg’s to all your major compound lifts. It got me up to a reasonable level of strength pretty quickly. And it generally takes less than an hour in the gym a day, very important especially if you want any energy for m/t.

Oh and for cardio have you considered tabata’s/hiit? Brilliant stuff especially for fighters. Search on this site or just in google for info.

Check out- http://startingstrength.wikia.com/wiki/Starting_Strength_Wiki

That’s the online free wiki for it.

Or check out- www.stronglifts.com

That’s a rip-off program with extra volume and the assistance exercises. The forum is pretty helpful. Good for posting form checks, questions about the program ect. Mehdi (the creator of the site) doesn’t let idiots hang around and post so most of the info is pretty solid. The one drawback is that they the majority are totally in love with the program and don’t like to consider any modifications or different beginner programs.

Oh and i’ve sent you a pm, check it out.

Hope this helps.