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Advice on My Routine and Progress


I have been reading and using T-Nation as a resource since I started training 7 months ago. I think it's the best site I've come across and despite the fact that I'm a beginner to all of this still, I feel I have learned a lot so far (not a lot about routines I made mine up myself) .

This is my first post and I am looking for some advice on my routine. I train 5 times a week Monday to Friday for 1 hour sessions. So basically I picked two muscles/muscle groups and rotate them throughout the week. I try and choose two muscles/muscles groups that I can sort of isolate from each other. This is how a typical week goes.

I try and do 3 sets of 10 and always lift my maximum weight. If I can't complete the full set I lower the weight accordingly

Monday - Chest/Triceps

Chest - (mostly flat bench and incline bench I am under the impression that as a beginner with a small chest the lower chest will fill out eventually is this correct?)

Incline Dumbbells
Flat bench Dumbbells
Incline Flys

Triceps -

Tricep cable pushdown sometimes rope sometimes bar
Sitting two arm tricep extension
Tricep Dips

Tuesday - Shoulders/Biceps

Shoulders -

Upright Row
front raises
military press
seated dumbell raises

Biceps -

standing hammer curl
preacher curls
cable curl

Wednesday - Back/legs

pulldowns (machine)
leg extensions
calf raises

Sorry if I'm vague or incorrect with the exercise names I just try exercises that feel good to me that I see other people doing. There is a little more about me in my profile if you're interested along with some pictures and my goals etc. If anyone has any input of what I'm doing right or wrong I would appreciate it. I know what I'm doing is working as I have seen results and again they're posted in my profile but I'm wondering if I'm utilizing my time at the gym properly or if I could be seeing better results with a different approach. My Diet is not the greatest. I eat a lot more than I used to but I'm by no means on a high calorie diet. I do take creatine and protein.


Try an upper/lower 4 day splits or a total body training if you're still relatively new to weight lifting. I myself tried a routine based off the same principal and I didn't get very far, and it took foever to improve. honestly look for rippetoes starting strength on the internet, or just ask more questions, people are typically glad to help.


Hey champ how are ya?

I woldn't train chest with triceps as you use your trii's a bit in your chest work out anyway.

If you scout around on the web page you can find some good programs. other wise PM me your e-mail and I have a list of diff programs and some great ones for those just starting, people have done these before and got good results.

What are your goals?

And if you could tell us what you eat it would be good, even if it is not spot on, just a rough idea.
And when you take yor supps.