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Advice On My Progress?

To be fair… neurologically most will feel better at 1500 vs 500, 900 vs 300 etc 3000 vs 1000

It’s not to say you were extensively symptomatic before, it’s to say higher dosages make most feel better

I have nothing against you being on HRT though, you’re doing well currently, feel good… health checks out etc… you’re a grown man capable of making his own decisions, so if you want to use hormones… why not

You think someone feels better at 500 total T level than at 1500?

wait… sorry, I meant most feel better at 1500 vs 500

Yeah that’s why I do TRT is to feel better. It definitely has a positive effect on basically every aspect of my life. My free T levels are lower than most with the same Total T number though.

TRT is not off the table for me, I am just seeing increases with every check up so as long as I can keep that up I rather go the natural method, if I get to a point where I can’t seem to progress and still not where I want to be then I will consider it much more.

Congrats!! That puts you above the average of men your age.

Awesome, incredible what life style changes can do! Stay that track and stop thinking about TRT.