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Advice On My Program

My Own Stats:

17 years old
20-25% bodyfat (i guess obese)
on and off training for 1 year
( last year i’ve been in a accident my radial bone was fractured and until now i still can’t full extend my right arm.) i ask my doctor if i can lift weights he said it’s okay it can help me with my theraphy because until now im undergoing to theraphy.

I want to stalk Stronglifts 5x5 but i can’t extend my right so i can’t deadlift but i can squat, row and benchpress what should i do? what exercise can i replace to deadlifts or just ditch the deadlifts and put row instead? please give me some advice.

How can you Pendlay Row but not Deadlift?

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How do you bench/overhead press without being able to extend one arm?

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i can’t fully lock it at the top while benching. i guess training by constant tension?

i feel the contraction while rowing but if i deadlift while im picking the weight in the floor i feel a huge strain in my forearms at my right arm. also i can’t pick up the bar properly because my arm is like imagine a check. my right arm is like that.

Okay, you know yourself and whether that is a good idea.

I would do something other than stronglifts but if you really are keen to do it, I would do a Good Morning (off pins at the same height as a deadlift start position) instead - start light. Ideally with a safety squat bar if you have access to one.

i’ve red some post in this forums they say find a exercise that will work my posterior chain and lower back? is good mornings enough for that? also if you will recommend a built program other than stronglifts that is compatible with my situation what could it be?

Do Texas method or a program off this site like this…

For back/pull day just get some work in with what you’re capable of if can’t deadlift a bunch of sets with dumbell rows and lat pulldown etc is fine.

Watch a bunch of vids on this guys channel for the arm rehab -has loads of outside the box solutions…