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Advice On My Nutrition

Ive been reading these boards constantly for the past couple of months trying to to get as much info and knowledge as possible and work on my nutrition. I need some advice On my nutrition…I kinda already follow a plan I just wanna know if Im doing Ok…what I can throw inthere. My main goal is to gain some size then shred Down. Any tips advice or criticism is greatly appriciate it…as long as your not just slamming me.


Nutrition:(its pretty much the same everyday)I dont have much time to vary it. It gets boring, but Im willing to do it. Even if Im sick of the food.)

-Bowl of Cereal(damn forgot the brand…the one with the oat clusters)
-1 Serving of N Large.
-1 Flameout

-Turkey Sandwich(light Mayo,Spinach)
-1 Chicken Breast(boiled uuugh)
-1 Hardboiled Egg
-Little bit of Broccoli.
-20Oz of water

-2 Chicken Breast(boiled)
-1 Serving of Broccoli
-1 Cup of Brown Rice
-1 Half a Zuccini
-1 Flameout
-20 Oz Of water

-1 Chicken Breast(boiled)
-1 Fruit(Pear,Apple,banana,Orange)
-Hand Full of Almonds
-20 Oz of Water

-2 Flameout
-Half Serving of pre-mixed creatine w/sugar<-- Do I need it?

-2 Flameout
-2 Scoops of Surge

-1 Tuna Sandwich
-1/2 Cup of Rice
-20 oz of Water

-1 Serving of N Large

Now I know I havent Included my work out Routine or How much I lift…But I wanna know How my Nutrition Is…what Can I add what can I take away ETC. I dont mind getting too big.

Ive really gotten into this, Just working out and I really enjoy being in the Gym and working on sculpting my body. Im willing to sacrafice anything and put all my time into it. I actually got a part time at the Gym so Im at the gym everyday.

Any Advice would be greatly appriciated…thanks.

Not an expert by any means, but I do think you can tweak your diet a little bit.

If you’re aiming to be big, then you’re probably gonna have to eat a lot more than that. Your training day calorie intake is 2500 tops. That level is probably closer to maintenance for you.

Any reason why you’re spreading out the Flameout so much? Don’t eat the Flameout immediately after working out, you need protein and carbs which is what the Surge is for, fats slow it down.

Overall not bad, but read a few more of the articles here, they’ll give you a few tips on eating to get big. In general though, you need to remember that to get big you have to eat big.

Why do people list individual foods out?

Just do the math yourself. How many grams of protein are you eating? How many calories? It’s not rocket science.

Do you expect someone to say, “Oh, you’re eating rolled oats at 3 p.m. You should wait until 3:15 to eat your oats.”

Unless you’re eating ding dongs, food choices do not matter nearly as much as you think. I know it’s the “in” thing around here to brag about how many fruits and veggies you eat. It’s also the “in” thing to be 160 lbs.

I’ve seen many of those “clean eating” braggarts. (Go to a seminar.) Most need to worry less about WHAT they’re eating, and worrying a lot more about HOW MUCH they are eating.

Whate are your goals. Is it working??

Id sat more good fats drop the Light mayo and use the real deal all the do is take the egg yolks out and replace it with crap carbs. Use the real thing Mayo not miracle whip.

Your breakfast cereal Prob Honey Bunches of Oats is a Bunch opf Crap IMO but at this point thats nit piocking if you like it go for it.

make sure your also getting your fruit and veggies. Fear not lean beef.

In the end Is it working thats what matters most along with health