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Advice on My Next Cycle?

So pretty much I want some opinions on my cycle! Any advice or improvments would be very much appreciated!
So im thinking of running
8 weeks -Test Cyp 350mg (wk)
EQ 400 mg (wk)
Last 8 weeks - Test Cyp 350mg (wk)
Masteron 200mg (wk)
Clen 60 MCG (day)

Or I was thinking of running
16 weeks Test Cyp 350mg (wk)
Masteron 250mg (wk)
After 6 weeks - Winny 50mg (day)

Why switch the EQ after eight weeks? That’s a drug that needs a longer time to work its magic, and the eight week mark is when you’d be starting to really see the effects. Why not just run it for 14 weeks, finish the last two with your test, then your pct timing would be lined up?

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Okay yea that makes a lot more sense! What about masteron? Should I stack that in right away?

I’m told good things about mast but have no opinions of my own on that one. If you’re prone to losing your hair mast will accelerate that, and it’s tough on lipids. But it’s not known for having any bad side effects beyond that. So it could certainly be added if you’ve got it.

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