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Advice On My Lab Results?

I take 175mg, once a week.

I took the blood work in the morning, about 1 hour before the time of my weekly injection.

I take 1mg Anastrozole (Arimidex). Split into two pieces, half on Monday half on Thursday.

Estradiol 41.0 pg/mL (Ref Range: Men 11-44 pg/mL)
Testosterone: 1425.00 ng/dL (ref Range: 240 - 871 ng/dl)

So my questions are:

  1. Does this look okey?
  2. Is the Testosterone a bit high for after 1 week?
  3. Is the Estradiol a bit high? (Should I increase the Arimidex?)

Thank you.

Prepare for the onslaught …

No, you don’t need to take more AI. Have you ever tried not taking it?

Thats a pretty high TT for a weekly trough day.

  1. Depends, do you need that much T for symptom resolution? You need more labs to determine if its ‘ok’. TT and E2 are not enough.
  2. Yes it does IMO
  3. No, your E2 is fine and I would try dropping the AI and then lowering your dose a bit but not at the same time

Yes, I tried a while without it, and did several blood works. They E2 levels were in the 60-80 range. Which was much higher (about double) than what I had before I even started TRT.

Why the hesitation here for using AI? (It was from here this forum that I learned of it a few years ago when I started TRT).

A lot has been learned over the past 18 months regarding E2 and the health/libido benefits. Arimadex is also known to have a negative impact on lipids.

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I’m at 175, so it might be worth going down to 150 or 125, and then reduce the AI down?

I remember taking 3/4th of a pill a week (a pain to cut it like that, took 1/4th at a time, 3 times a week), and my E2 levels were in the 65 range. Which is why I increased it to a full pill (split, twice a week).

I would defer to some others on here with more experience of dialing in a person backwards. I am more of a start on T only at a moderate dose and adjust from there. I guess the question is… how do you feel right now? Mood, energy, libido? If all good, maybe you don’t want to mess with it. If you do want to mess with it, I would drop the AI see how you feel in 8 weeks. Re-up labs, then start down adjusting T dose. Keep in mind you MAY not feel perfect while the adjustments take place but by the 8 week mark your body should have found its new normal.

My energy is better than before TRT, no more constant brain fogs. My mood is overall fine (affected correctly by things around me). And my libido is a bit high, but nothing I can’t manage.

So I guess I’m fine. I’m just concerned that if I maintain these levels for too long (years?) then I will have eventual adverse effects.

Nope. You’re fine. At one time the reference ranges were much higher than they are today.
I doubt you need the aromatase inhibitor though.

Can you point me to any new research on this? I’m scanning the forums but not finding much.

@dbossa had a whole slew of studies regarding E2 that he hyperlinked. I saved it but can’t find it currently. I am tagging him while I look.

There is no research showing AIs are needed for TRT.

Is ur libido better or worse with arimidex and e2 within range than when e2 was higher?

I honestly can not tell the difference with regard to libido when e2 was high vs now when it is lower. I mainly started it because it was ‘high’ and I wanted to avoid issues before they come (such as gyno).

if u dont get any symptoms of the “high e2”, I wouldnt take ai.

I’m in the process of reading the articles on the downside of AI. My concern is that the symptom of high e2 (gyno) would be noticed after it’s too late to fix :slight_smile:

I think that depends on if u have the genetics for gyno, if you dont, doesnt matter how high ur 2.

I never gyno, despite shooting e2 thru the roof.

I do get moody tho, with noodle penis and zero libido. Unfortunately.