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Advice on my Friend's Workouts?

They’re novices and made these workouts. I recommended they get on a proven program first. I just want your feedback to maybe open their eyes, unless I’m wrong. I thought they had too much volume and would slow progression. Their goal is hypertrophy.

Dumbell Flys on an exercise ball are just idiocy.

There is massive emphasis on triceps (all 3 of 'em!) and virtually nothing else.

Junk it. The only saving grace is that they probably aren’t strong enough yet to actually hurt themselves.

These kinds of programs are a rite of passage.


What level of training are they at? Did they pull this out of the latest magazine?


Sometimes (most the time) less is better. I mean in the first 3 workouts your hitting your bis and Tris with 10 different workouts all 3+ sets.

Was going to comment the same type of thing. Yeah, they’re stupid and they suck, but when you’re new at lifting and young you’re stupid and suck.

I remember being in high school and my best friend had a bench and a squat stand in his bedroom. A lot of days when I stayed over we would just bench and squat for hours off and on all day and night with curls and flyes and layers raises mixed in everywhere. It would literally last all day and night of just lifting shit. I didn’t gain an insane amount of strength or size or anything, but I was a kid and actually had fun training back then.


If a man doesn’t know his 1rm on lat pulldowns, I know for certain he never lifted weights in high school.


My highschool had a pendulum style leg press. If you weren’t trying to move 1,000+ lbs at 120lbs body weight what was the point of even having it?