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Advice on My First Tren Cycle

What’s up guys what are your guys opinions on my first Tren cycle, I’m prepping for a power meet and wanted to throw some Tren in the mix …
I’ll be doing 10 weeks of Tren blend 150 @ 150mg/week and running test sustanon @ 400mg/week
I have caber and planned on running .25 twice a week and also planned on using anastrozole @ .5 twice a week
Question here is do you think my Tren or test is high or too low and also another quick question the last 4 weeks of my blast I’m throwing in anadrol 50 mg daily and the last week I’m throwing in halo @ 10-20 mg/ day.
Im well aware this is a potent cycle as I’m an advanced user. Give me your opinions on my cycle Your input will be much appreciated

Nope. Tren ace for the first run. No exceptions.

You have no evidence that this is necessary (and I’d bet money it’s not) and yet you’re planning on doing it. That’s all around bad.


To my knowledge it is better to run caber from the start to avoid any prolactin …why wait untill it’s present then start caber? Because I also planned on using deca at 150 a week just for joint relief figures since I’m Guna be running 2 nandrolones I can dose with caber to prevent prolactin …And yes there is acetate in my blend…sorry I don’t feel like pinning every day to every other day

From what I’ve read when ever you use a blend, no matter the steroid you always cater your pinning frequency to the shortest ester, so you’d still be pinning Atleast EOD.
The bonus to running just ace is that if things go sideways you can quit and have it out of your system quickly.


Tri-Trenabol doses will most commonly fall in the 150-300mg per week range. Many men will be able to tolerate 450mg per week but this will increase the risk of possible side effects. Most will want to start with 150mg per week and gauge their response. It is also important to keep in mind, as this is an extremely powerful anabolic steroid it will not take a lot to produce noticeable results. Regardless of your Tri-Trenabol dose, 8-12 weeks of use is common with most finding the 8 week range to be the most tolerable.

This addresses nothing I said. But good luck

You do know the syringe works with other volumes besides 1ml right?

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@wanna_be is correct. You need to pin a tiny amount of that every day because of the acetate ester. Blends are stupid, especially for a first-time tren user. If the side effects are too much, you have to wait for the longest ester to clear before things get better. Get a bunch of 29g slin pins and pin 0.2ml or whatever it is every day to get a reasonable dosage. Or better yet, ditch the fucking blend and run straight tren ace.

You never mentioned nand on your OP, how would anyone know you were throwing in caber because of that? Regardless, you don’t run caber unless you have high prolactin symptoms. Caber is a powerful dopamine agonist and you do NOT want to fuck yourself up with too much caber.

Active substance: Trenbolone Acetate, Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate, Trenbolone Enanthate

Other names: Tren Mix, Trenbolone Mix 150, Maxtren 200, Trinaxyl, Tritren 150, Tri-Trenabol

Active life: 10-12 days

Detection time: 7 months

Tren Mix is an extremely powerful Trenbolone blend containing three active Trenbolone compounds mixed together in a single unit.

You are my favorite type of forum member :heart:


LOL go plot it out steroidplotter genius. See what kind of janky ass saw-tooth blood levels that blend will give you if you pin it once or twice a week. Then plot the same weekly dosage pinned ED and see how much smoother the peaks and valleys are. Or just deal with the resulting side effects, since you’re so fucking smart.

Now I know not to listen to any of you lol …you guys just looking to fuck someone’s body up

Yes we are. We almost had you! Damn, on to the next unsuspecting new member.



Lol never had anyone in my life tell me “just wait for side effects then treat it”
That is t how it works …you prevent from the beginning so you don’t have to go through the process of reversing because reversing can be harder than just “preventing” … anastrozole is a very very potent AI and you can actually tank your estrogen on arimidex and get a lot of side effects from that and you guys had nothing to say about that just the caber LOL you guys are experts

Damn bro. You’re ready. You got any before pictures you could post?

I buddy of mine tried to sell me his tren blend because he couldn’t handle it. Do you want to know why you should pin it eod? Because you will get a big spike from the ace, and will be uneven. It is better to pin more frequently even with long esters because it is more even, and that’s without it being a blend. Even if I was running tren e, I would pin it eod in small doses until I figure out how I handle it. You might be bent over the sink coughing your lungs out with one big dose, or you might be fine. You can roll the dice if you want, but I figure why not do the protocol that minimizes those chances. You may or may not have libido or ed issues, but I would want to minimize that risk too. To do that you would pin frequently with ace.


Dude this guy is an idiot. The most dangerous type… an idiot that doesn’t realize it with conviction. @wanna_be explained it to him perfectly yet he doesn’t get it and starts name calling. Let the dude burn…


I didn’t see a why to the advice given which is why I chimed in. Even with the blend chance of harm is reduced with smaller low dose injections. I think for the most part blends aren’t a great idea for most people.

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I’ve never understood why they existed, is it just because bros think 3 esters is better??