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Advice on My First Cycle Plan

Hi all, planning on running my first cycle and would welcome any helpful feedback.

Current stats: 6"2, 200 lbs, 12%-13% BF.

Weeks 1-10: Test Cyp 500mg (250mg Mon/Thurs)
Weeks 13-14: Clomid 100g and Nolva 40mg ED
Weeks 15-16: Clomid 50mg and Nolva 20mg ED
Weeks 1-16: Aromasin 12.5mg EOD

1 inch 18g needle for drawing
1 inch 25g needle for pinning
(Still debating pin location but thinking outer quads)

Macros will be 1g protein per lb/bodyweight, fat and carbs will make up the remaining, eating roughly 300-500 cals above daily maintenance level.

Advice and constructive criticisms are welcome on any portion of the plan. Questions welcomed also if additional information is needed :slight_smile:

Thanks all!

no need to combine the SERMs or dose them as high for PCT. Pick one or the other. I like clomid, personally. 50mg a day for 4 weeks then a fifth week where you taper down. I’d do 12.5mg of aromasin daily, not eod.

consider adding hcg at 250iu thrice weekly

Other than that, you’re all good.

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Thank you!

I actually had Clomid only for PCT then I read there may be additional benefits from running it alongside Nolva. If not necessary though I’ll save the extra dough.

In regards to the Aromasin, any downsides you know of from increasing dose to 12.5mg ED instead of EOD?

Appreciate the insight!


12.5mg of Aromasin would destroy me. You need to start somewhere though and adjust from there, preferably with bloodwork.

Thanks KountKoma.

Not to nit pick, but when you say it would destroy you, how do you mean? I’ve researched side effects to an extent but I’m curious to your experience.



can’t give people a diddy-ride? Har har, Scottish humour…

12.5mg ed is a fairly standard dose for a low to moderate test cycle, but like KountKoma said there’s always individual variation.

I personally hate aromasin for on-cycle purposes but that’s another conversation for another day

18g needle will tear up your stopper pretty good if you have multi-use vials. Since you are only pinning 1ml 2x a week it won’t take too long if you use a 23 or even 25g. Research the ventro gluteal (VG) injection site, it’s one of my favorites.

Thanks 46and2 that’s good to know, and I’ll check into that ventrogluteal option!