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Advice on my Fat Loss Routine

I’ve just put my new routine to paper and looking for some critiquing.

I’m currently 5’6 179lbs at approx 17.5% body fat according to my handheld omron (steady trend)

My goals are to loss fat and keep or possibly gain muscle

Ive been on a 5x5 program 3x a week on and off for almost 2 years and have made great progress. (about 120 lbs lost from march of 07) I feel that im ready to progress to 4 days a week with a upper lower split

upper ( i have an imbalance towards my chest so im compensating will more pulls

chins 5 sets (last workout 5 4 3 2 2)
compound rows 5x5
Mts High Row 5x5
flat BB press 5x5
DB military press 5x5
DB Shrugs 5x5
Dips 5 sets

Back Squat 5x5
Dead lift 5x5
Step ups 5x5
Ham curls 5x5
Adductor work 5 sets (starting BJJ as soon as i get my finances in place, maybe january)

getting 2300-2700(under 100g carbs, at least 180g protein) calories on average during the week mostly from op whey shakes, turkey breast, chicken breast, broccoli, and sunflower seeds weekends tend to be a bit higher for evening outings, but i compensate by eating heavy on the protein and veggies during the day

Supplementing with creatine and beta alanine / a multi greens+
and 17 grams fish oil a day

i work 6 hours a day M-F as a postal collector, driving approx 80% of the time in addition to getting in and out of a 2 ton truck and loading parcels the remainder.

Cardio will be put in on wed and sat with emphasis on interval training/ light Bar complexes with short rest periods

thanks for your help!

when you mean imbalance towards your chest, do you mean that ur shoulders r shrugging inward? which i can see why you would involve more back work to fix that, or do you mean ur chest is ur weak spot? If thats the case then get rid of something and add some more chest work. Deads and squats on the same day r gunna be killer, might wanna alternate it instead of doing them both togather.

Just my advice im sure someone with more experience can give u some more pointers

Back Squats, Deadlifts, and Step Ups in one day seems overkill.
If your doing an upper lower 4 day plan, I personally like deadlifts and squats to sit on their own individual days.

Try this plan:

Your plan has very little “fat loss” in the way you have it structured.