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Advice on My Diet/Nutrition

I have been doing my own research, asking questions as I go and creating my own diet plan - trying to achieve my goals. But I wanted to get some insight from others that have a lot more experience - to ensure that I am on the right path, or what I can do better to achieve my goals???

Before I list an example of my daily diet. . here are a few facts:

Yes, I know that I should be eating more real food and less protein shakes. I am not lazy. I do cook a full weeks worth of protein (chicken, fish, etc) for dinners. But understand that I work two full time careers, juggle an hour or more work out 5 times a week, and try to squeeze in a relationship. My days are jam packed and I am literally on the go from 7am until 10pm. The shakes help me get that needed protein on a very tight schedule, and help me avoid reaching for convenient foods on the go.

I work with a personal trainer (once per week) and workout 5 times a week on a bodybuilding routine.

I am currently 215, with a 24% (or higher, as this is based off of those scales that are often inaccurate) body fat.

I cycle 6 weeks on. 6 weeks off (400 per week T Cyponate). I do 6 week increments simply because this is the volume of T I have access to.

My goal is to build bulk muscles . . rather than strength. In short: I want to get big. Big pecs, big biceps, triceps, etc. Sure, I will naturally get stronger as I get bigger - but I am more interested in building bulk muscles over strength.

I also know that I need to lose fat as I progress. I am hoping this will happen naturally over time. I had lost 40 pounds already by going on a low carb and low calorie diet for a year . . .and working out. But I am now trying to ensure I DO get good fat and carbs as needed to get the best benefit from my work outs. But I try to get high protein and still keep a slight caloric deficit to slowly lose the fat as I gain muscle.

Now for an example of my daily diet plan

Breakfast: Banana and Protein Shake

9:30 am Greek Yogurt

11am Protein Shake

Lunch Protein shake

3pm Protein shake

Pre Work out: Homemade Granola

Post Work Out: Protein/Fast Digesting Carb shake (30g/30g)

Dinner: 6 ounces (chicken, shrimp or fish . . ) and salad greens - no dressing

Late Snack: 1/2 cup cottage cheese

Sometimes I add in an avocado, or I eat more chicken for lunch instead of a shake - if I have it on hand. Peanut butter, cashews, scrambled eggs, etc. I also cook all of my fish and meats in a little coconut oil

My Daily Intake is estimated at:

Calories 1,750 to 2,000

Protein 208g

Carbs 135g

Fat 24g

Again . . I am not lazy. I am just very busy and almost never home to cook until 10pm. So the shakes help me avoid grabbing something I will regret on the go.

I use the Six Star brand 100% Whey Protein powder - cause it’s relatively inexpensive at Walmart. Any other suggested brands?

Should I be getting less carbs and more fat? Maybe drop the banana for an avocado or something?

What can I do better - to try to achieve my goals long term.

I am dedicated and very open to learn. I really want to change my body, long term, and willing to put the work and effort in. Sometimes it’s just confidence in knowing if I can be doing things better than I am . . as a beginner.

Lastly: I am almost complete with my first cycle. I have gained 8 pounds in 4 weeks. I assume it’s water and muscle weight and not fat … as I don’t eat enough calories per day to gain fat . . I think ??? OR should I be concerned at 8 pounds? It seems high for only 4 weeks.