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Advice on my Cut/Diet


So after 7 months of clean bulk were i reach 87 kg I started in september a little cut for 2 or 3 months ( and than bulk again in winter). I changed my workout in these one http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding/destroying_fat_war_room_strategies_to_maximize_fat_loss

Every thing worked good but now at 82 kg and with ca 11-12% bf I'm stuck!

That's my diet:

7.30: 2-3 pancakes (1 egg/1 and half serving of my protein shake/low fat milk/little whole flour) with pb

10.30 Protein shake (not so often sometimes i skip these meal)

13.00 200g chcken breast/veggies (in heavy workout day I add some brown rice)

16.00 proten shake (pre workout)

17.30 post workout shake with some carbs usually some fruits

19.00 dinner with chicken and veggies

21.30 shake with cottage cheese /pro shake/ a little milk

22.00 a glass of low fat milk with honey or pb

So that's it. What should i do eliminate the pb? or the milk

p.s: between 20 and 21 i usually eat some peanuts too


I would say its worth tweaking the diet. I see a lot of P+C combos in there - have you seen what a lower carb diet does for you?


I tried to stay as low as possible on the non trainig day (ca 40-50g carbs)
I also give a try to stay two weeks with low carbs but nothing happened and my heavy lift days had suffered a lot




If you are stuck. You have to become more active and stricter. Most people get stuck where you are. Try and stop eating the peanuts later on

Look up an article called the last 10% or something on here.


22.00 a glass of low fat milk with honey or pb

this is useless and shitty before bed