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Advice on My Bulk

Hey guys…

I’d consider myself a noob even though I started lifting 3 yrs ago, but I was never consistent throughout. When I went to college, I worked out once in a month if I was lucky, but since I came back home for the summer I’ve been hitting the gym hard and have seen some lean muscle gains.

I’m 5’9-10ish and 160-165 depending on when I weigh myself. My upper body is unproportionally bigger than my lower body because I have a tendency to neglect working my lower body, but I’m going to change that.

I haven’t stuck to a same routine since I started working out this summer…I change it up a lot. For example, yesterday I did Deadlifts, DB Shoulder Press, Barbell Shrugs, and Lat Pulldown. I was trying out a 3-day fullbody compound routine.

What do you guys recommend I do to put on the most mass? If someone could map out a good mass-gaining routine, I’d appreciate it.

Diet-wise…I have a pretty clean diet and trying to eat a lot.

What should I be doing for cardio and how frequently?


  1. Eat more than you are already.

  2. Search for a program. There are many. Dare I say “Squats and Milk”?

  3. Train your legs. A lot.

  4. Why would you be doing cardio while bulking?

Don’t get too carried away with bulking and don’t be afraid to put on a little fat.