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Advice on My Approach to Increasing My Bench

I need some advice on my approach to a bench program. 50 year old male, around 215lbs 20%bf.

Currently I do:

Day 1 - Heavy day - 3 heavy sets, working up to a 5rm. Sometimes I will do 3x5 flat, or pyramid up. Sometimes I will work up to a 5rm, then do a couple of extra doubles. I usually superset with some chins.

Then 3 sets of 6-8 on incline bench or some DBs. Plus Tris (heavy dips) back, biceps for assistance.

Day 2 - Rep day. So this is both a rep day for bench, and a heavy day for shoulders.
Until I started pushing shoulders I got nowhere.
So its 3x5 for MP plus some lateral raises. Then 3x8 for Close Grip bench, plus back and biceps.

I am not sure it is enough volume, having said that I am wary of overdoing volume at my age.

Progress is reasonable, but not stellar. 1rm has gone from 230 to 265 in six months. Now starting to plateau.

Thanks in advance for your advice!

I’m not going to pick your plan apart. I’ll just suggest a 5/3/1 variant. Load the Black Iron Beast app on your phone and pick a plan, plug in your maxes and lift it.