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Advice on My Active Lifestyle


On top of my lifting, I live a pretty active lifestyle. I have to do a lot of walking every day- a LOT of walking (due to a number of reasons- e.g. getting to class/ gym/ shops etc. without any other form of transport, etc.) Usually it can be up to 4 hours straight walking a day, every day (not including the time I spend in and around the places I gotta be.)

It's also at a quick pace, averaging around 140+ steps a minute (about 4.5mph,) and it does get me breathing heavy and sweating, especially because much of it is uphill. And all this is walking that I HAVE to do. On days that I'm at the gym, you can add another 90 minutes of physical exercise on top of it as well.

I also work a few hours a night in a bar, pulling drinks, so literally I am on my feet all day. Is all this likely to be really hurting my gains or my progress, if I keep my calorie intake high? My legs are constantly shattered, and it's hard to give them any decent sort of a workout because of this as well- I know rest is important for recovery, but I don't really get the chance to properly give my legs a decent rest... What do you guys think??


Maybe getting a cheap road bike could help out? Just get a lock and you can chain it to any pole.

Where are you at in Ireland?


Well, Northern Ireland actually- Belfast.

I had actually considered getting a bike, but it'd be too much of a hassle chaining it up every time I reach a place and get back to my flat, considering I'm back and forth all day. Plus I've always got a bunch of bags to carry with me...


A hassle that would take max 5 minutes [if it did take 5 minutes that would be the slowest locking of a bike i had ever seen]. Lets say the bike doubles [at least. for me 45 minute walk = 10-13 minute bike] your pace. That makes it only 2 mandatory hours of transit per day.

You would have to lock the bike up 24 times taking 5 minutes each every day for it to not save you some amount of time and more importantly effort.

Alternatively keep walking. But when you get to the gym and your knees are killing you then don't blame me.

I'm sure your leg gains will be fine if you keep the cals up.

You should have said you cant afford the bike. that is a far more valid argument than it takes such a hassle to lock to a post.



x2 on eating enough calories to compensate

I foam-roll when my legs ache.



I personally don't think it will be an issue--you WILL have to eat more calories to compensate as someone else said.

On the knees aching, well, maybe you should experiment with a bike.

On the plus side, all this walking will help keep you lean while gaining weight.


Adjust diet accordingly and consider getting a little scooter to putt around in. Walking around Costco is enough for me to warrant the use of the Fat/disabled person motorized shopping cart.


segway [segue?] machines [stand up bilateral scooter thingys] are the key to saving calories and looking bad ass.