Advice on MMA Routine

Hey im 16, involved in MMA, boxing, ext. I’ve been doing a school run weightlifting program designed for football players, but I don’t like the lack of variation in the program, and I find im burning out alot. I’m just looking for some suggestions on some routines that benefit the MMA style.

I do realize that I need to be focusing on the powerlifts, but I am also looking for some hypertrophy as well. I think my cardio is pretty much in check as I’m coming off the wrestling season and improving on the routine I used in season. I’m on a whey protein powder for muscle recovery and I’m looking at taking a fish oil supplement… any suggestions? Is it really needed at my age?

Here are some numbers:

Height: 5’5’… yes im a short little bitch
Weight: 129
Bodyfat: 8%
Diet: Lean meat, nuts, greens, fruits, carbs early in the day for energy, protein powder…

Cardio- Intervals, jumping rope, swimming, long distance… just rotating what I do each day

LIFTS( I need help on the sets/reps)-
Bench- 135 on a 3X8
Squat- 175 on a 3X10
Deadlift- 155 on a 3X10
Powerclean- 115 on a 4X10 (weak)

The program is a four day a week lift cycle but I do not like the lack of variation on sets/reps and we often work the same muscle groups on back to back days

Boxing- 1.5 hours Monday, Wednesday, Saturday
MMA- 2 hours Tuesday, Thursday
Muay Thai- 2 hours Tuesday, own my own Friday
Jui Jitsu- 1/1.5 hours Monday Wednesday Friday Saturday
Wrestling- Practice every once and a while

All input is greatly appreciated. Thanks for the help.

Basically you have it. And by the way, you are not that short. I’m 5’2’'. The nice thing about wrestling/MMA is that height is much less of a factor.

Focus on the powerlifts, plus lots of dips, pullups, pushups and bodyweight squats. You will need the limb endurance. But, skills are the foremost important thing. You can always make strength a priority later.

Eat more if you want to gain weight.

You are a ways away from fighting the first time (at least I gathered) so don’t worry too much about body composition. All of the cardio from practice will keep you very lean.

That’s a ton of training. After approx 3 hrs of martial arts training per day I’m not sure how much gas you would have left for an effective weightlifting routine. I only do Muay Thai and cut my weight training from 4 days/week to 2 full body workouts per week and noticed a huge improvement in all my workouts. If you start getting burned out give that a try.

Just curious, why do you train both Muay Thai and boxing? Also, if you study separate Muay Thai, boxing, Jujitsu, and wrestling classes then what makes up your MMA class? Lastly, what school do you train at? Sounds like it offers a lot.

I understand that this routine does make me very likely to burnout. I’ve been trying to work stuff around to try to improve on it, but I have a hard time dropping classes from the routine because of how much i’m enjoying each class at the moment.

The reason for the boxing/muay thai combination isn’t so much that I believe it makes me better, but I’ve been boxing since I was 8, and although I want to focus on MMA orientated classes I’d have a real hard time stopping it. It does alot for the upper body part of muay thai though. At least the pure power part I guess.

The MMA class is basically just combining different strategies from different martial arts in the hope that I can develop some kind of fighting style that works out. My jui jitsu is extremely brazilian based and focuses on the gentleness of the sport rather than the quick, efficient submission style in the MMA style. I think the MMA class helps me to combine the Jui Jitsu with the striking.

I take classes at the place where I box called Ford’s Gym out of Madison, WI. They have a cooperation program with a martial arts/yoga studio that offers the kickboxing and MMA classes. I’m still in between jui jitsu classes at Ford’s Gym or Madison Jui Jitsu academy.

Thanks everyone for the advice so far…