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Advice on Meet Preperation Whilst Away from my Gym


Hi I am planning on taking a trip to Africa to climb mount Kilimanjaro in the summer of 2011. The trip will last for three weeks.

I am looking for some advice on how I should train during this time. I was hoping to compete in a comp 10 days after I get back to hopefully qualify for the BDFPA unequipped junior championships.

I realise that improving my main lifts over this period of time may be a pipe dream however i feel that i could possibly maintain my strength through the use of a few resistance bands and some body weight work.

I would also appreciate any advice on how to prepare for the meet when I am back in my usual facility whether I should get a bar on my back again after a period away from it or if I should just leave it until the comp.


Youll be climbing a mountain, and im sure your diet won't be great. Unless you can easily qualify, id say the meet is a bad idea.


Couldn't agree more. Climbing Kilimanjaro is a trip of a lifetime. Don't mess that up worrying about trying to train for a powerlifting meet.


There's no way in hell you'll be able to train while doing this. Carrying the extra gear and burning valuable calories by exercising will only break you down and sap strength you need to finish the climb. You'll probably lose some weight too.

Feats of endurance are not conducive to preparing for PL meets so don't worry about it. Do this first, then worry about PL when you get back, and if you can't easily do what's needed at the meet,just wait till the next one rolls around. There will always be more meets but you may never get to do a trip like this again. Live in the moment for a while and you won't regret it.


Thanks everyone it will only be my second meet by then so I may still go for it just to see what happens and for the experience. Any thoughts on whether in the ten days i should get under the bar at all to get my body used to it again before the meet?


I would think a light session wouldn't be overdoing it. Maybe warm up and hit your openers 7 days out. Be conservative though and don't push too hard, since you really should be deloading.


Aye I wasn't planning on going all out. Thanks for the advice it is greatly appreciated. I will let you know how it goes.